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Study Abroad Students

Study Abroad Students

If you’re thinking of studying abroad, you probably have many questions such as … Where do I start? Where can I go? What can I study? How am I going to pay for it? The following are starting points for planning your study abroad experience:

Visit the Office of Study Abroad. We’ll help you with your questions; give you information about programs, countries and cities and scholarship information. The earlier you start planning your study abroad experience, the better. To make an appointment with the Office of Study Abroad, you may email us at studyabroad@wtamu.edu.

Talk to Your Academic Advisor. Tell your advisor you’re interested in studying abroad and think about your four-year plan. Abroad you have opportunities to take courses that directly apply to your major, electives or core courses. There are many opportunities to study abroad during your sophomore, junior and senior years. Discuss the coursework and term of study that will work best for you.


Academic Advisor and Dean Approval
Students must have study abroad courses pre-approved prior to studying abroad by their advisor and dean.

Academic Standing
Applicants for study abroad must be in good academic standing. There is a minimum 2.0 GPA requirement. Some programs may require a 3.0 GPA or more, so review the requirements of the program.
Language Level
If English is not spoken and you're in the program to learn language, you'll take a placement test upon arrival.  If you are not pursuing language courses, the Office of Study Abroad will only show you programs where courses are taught in English. 

Semester Completion
Students must have completed a minimum of one semester at WTAMU and be making progress toward academic degree requirements as determined by their dean.

Note: Each program has it’s own criteria for participation and students should review the requirements.

Select a Program. Find a program based on where you want to go, the term or your degree plan. To view all the options, look at our Programs page

Talk to Finanical Aid. To look at the funding opportunities available to WT students, check out our Funding page.

Apply Early. Complete all necessary documents and register with the Office of Study Abroad to receive financial aid and credit for courses. You can access all the forms you need on the Pre-Departure page.

Student Responsibilities

Studying Abroad on a Budget