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WTAMU encourages students to gain global experience through a variety of study abroad opportunities. There are many ways to find opportunities, and along the way the Office of Study Abroad can help. It’s not to early to start planning!
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Choosing your destination
You can go almost anywhere, as long as it is safe for you. WT students have been to every continent in the world, except only for Antarctica! The possibilities are limitless; if you have a country or region of preference, let us know and we will try to find your program in that location. Sometimes the search is easy, and sometimes is more complicated, but we will certainly consider your interests first.
Remember, however, that there are places where it is definitely not safe to go to. If the U.S. Department of State has issued a travel warming for the country you want to visit, the Office of Study Abroad will not approve your program. Also keep in mind that some countries are better for certain majors, and not so much for others.
Length of your program
The length of your study abroad is completely up to you – and your particular needs and goals, financial resources, as well as the limits placed on you by your academic program at WTAMU. You can go for 2 weeks, a month, a whole summer, semester, or even a year! If you prefer to take your experience to the next level by spending an entire semester or year abroad, our third party providers have some great long-term programs for you! 
Housing options while abroad
Housing options differ depending on the country and region where you will be studying abroad, the term of your program, and your budget for the program. Some of the popular options are homestays, student residences, and apartments. Homestays may be a good way to immerse yourself in the host country culture, especially if you are studying language. The experience of living with a family can provide insights that other arrangements cannot. However, homestays may be more restrictive in that you will be expected to conform to the rules and norms of the family, which will most likely be different from your own family.
Irish flagResidence hall housing and apartments are similar to what is offered at WTAMU. You will usually have the option of a roommate or a single room with an additional charge. Most students will share a bathroom, kitchen and “living room.” These are often self-catering arrangements in which students are responsible for buying and preparing their own meals.

There are many programs available with varied tuition, accommodation, and degree programs with almost limitless opportunities. The OSA has agreements with specific programs. However, students aren’t limited to these programs. The OSA encourages students to research opportunities and let us know about interest in other programs. If a student is seriously considering an experience abroad in a new program, we will check it out to make sure it is accredited.


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