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Study Abroad Faculty Led Programs

Faculty-led Programs 2018-2019

Faculty-led programs are courses instructed by WT professors that include a short-term course –related program abroad. These programs are normally developed by the faculty member for a specific major, and academic credit is given only for the courses to be instructed abroad.
While in this type of program you won’t be able to choose the location (because the faculty chooses it for you), it is a great choice if you are looking for a short-term experience (normally 2 to 4 weeks); these programs are also convenient if you have never been abroad and do not want to travel by yourself, since you have the opportunity to travel with the faculty members and a group of WT students.

May 2019
Scandinavia 2019

Dr. Babb,
Dr. Macy,

Dr. King

Denmark, Sweden 5/10/19-5/22/19 $3,160 ECON 4321,
ECON 5321
No longer accepting applications
Contextualized Practice: Go Global

Mrs. Bellah,
Dr. Kwan

China - Hong Kong 5/12/19-5/23/19 $3,500 SOCW 4370, SOCI 3392. PSYC 5392, PSYC 3392 No longer accepting applications
How Museums and Cultural Institutions are Impacted by Media and Social Media

Mrs. Bruce,
Mrs. Price

UK-England, Scotland, France 5/13/19-5/26/19 $4,734 MCOM 4300, COMM 4300,
COMM 5300
No longer accepting applications
WTAMU Ag Spanish in Panama

Mrs. Amos

Panama 5/13/19-5/22/19 TBD SPAN 2371 No longer accepting applications
Ag in Australia

Dr. David Lust

Australia 5/14/19-5/30/19 $5,000 ANSC 4097, PSES 4302, ANSC 7325,
AGRI 4304
No longer accepting applications.
Designing and Deploying of Battery Systems

Dr. Partheepan,
Dr. E. Hunt,
Dr. Seth

India 5/25/19-6/10/19 $2,472 TBD Possibly still accepting applications!
China: Politics, Psychology, and Culture

Dr. Kwan,
Dr. Macaulay

China 5/29/19-6/7/19 $3,804 Various No longer accepting applications
TAMUS Las Clavellinas Educational Collaborative

Dr. Henderson,
Dr. Rodriguez,
Dr. Medrano,
Dr. Castillo

Mexico Various- depending on discipline $2,240 Various - depending on discipline Now accepting applications!
Summer 2019
English Graduate Program Dr. Helbert, Dr. A. Hunt UK-Wales, Ireland 6/3/19-7/1/19 TBD ENGL 6392, ENGL 6331

No longer accepting applications

Go Global: Italy

Dr. Leigh Green,
Dr. Beth Garcia

Italy 6/9/19-6/19/19 TBD Various No longer accepting applications
Art Within Reach: Mexico City

Mr. Revett,
Dr. Von Lintel

Mexico 6/15/19-6/22/19 $2,226 ARTS 3392, ARTS 6371, ARTS 3394, ARTS 5394 No longer accepting applications