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Study Abroad Faculty Led Programs

Faculty-led Programs 2017-2018

Faculty-led programs are courses instructed by WT professors that include a short-term course –related program abroad. These programs are normally developed by the faculty member for a specific major, and academic credit is given only for the courses to be instructed abroad.
While in this type of program you won’t be able to choose the location (because the faculty chooses it for you), it is a great choice if you are looking for a short-term experience (normally 2 to 4 weeks); these programs are also convenient if you have never been abroad and do not want to travel by yourself, since you have the opportunity to travel with the faculty members and a group of WT students.
To apply to any of these programs, please go to the Applicants page. You can also contact the Office of Study Abroad or the program leaders if you have questions!

Faculty-led programs by college:

College of Education and Social Sciences

College of Fine Arts and Humanities

School of Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics