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Study Abroad Applicants

Information for Applicants

You’ve chosen a program, now what?

If you have already chosen a program, there is a multitude of tasks to complete to properly prepare for this experience.

NEW!!! Download or view our "Study Abroad: what to do after you've chosen your program."

The following items are mandatory for students participating in WT study abroad programs, unless otherwise noted, and must be submitted to the Office of Study Abroad by the deadlines below:




Winter/ Spring

February 15th

 April 15th

September 15th

Withdrawal Policy for faculty-led programs
(only Faculty-led programs)
February 15th April 15th September 15th

Pre-Approval of Foreign Courses
(required for all programs except Faculty-led)

February 28th

April 30th

September 25th

March 1st

June 1st

October 1st

Specific Program Application

Please see your program details

Visa Appointment 
(if needed)

 no later than
April 1st

no later than
June 1st

no later than
December 1

Pre-Departure Orientation

Early May

Early May

Early December

Due at pre-departure orientation

Waiver, Indemnification and
Medical Treatment Authorization
Due at pre-departure orientation

Due at pre-departure orientation

TIP: Don't forget to take care of personal needs like forwarding mail, arranging for plants to be watered, storing your car, etc.

ALMOST READY! Pack, board a plane and have the time of your life!

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