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Student Teaching

Clinical or Student Teaching

Clinical or student teaching is usually seen as the culmination of your education—that final hurdle to jump before going out into the world to begin your professional career. In reality, student teaching is only another step in your educational process; you will continue to learn, either formally in further course work or informally every day of your teaching career. Regardless, it is one of the most rewarding experiences in your professional development. It will provide you challenging opportunities to turn college-based theory into classroom-based practice.  
The cooperating teacher, principal, Field supervisor, and director of clinical experiences form a supportive team designed to provide you the fullest opportunity possible for clarifying ideas and skills in a practical setting. This practical setting will allow you to test and modify teaching strategies already acquired and to learn new ones from the professionals participating in the field experience.  
The student teaching assignment carries with it certain duties and responsibilities and these should be approached with seriousness and dedication. Failure to do this may result in an overall performance rating that will cause prospective employers to fail to consider you for employment and/or to cause you to fail your internship.
As a student teacher, you will be given the opportunity to:

  1. Implement educational theories and practices in a realistic setting;
  2. Practice various teaching and management strategies and methods;
  3. Observe the behavior and learning styles of students in a world of diverse cultures and expectations;
  4. Develop high levels of teaching competence through guided teaching experience;
  5. Create and use effective lesson plans for instruction;
  6. Effectively use technology for instruction and communication;
  7. Become familiar with the total public school organization and programs;
  8. Establish professional relationships with fellow teachers, students, administrators and parents;
  9. Engage in self-evaluation and professional goal-setting.

Applying for Clinical/Student Teaching

To petition/apply for student teaching, apply through the Office of Teacher Preparation and Advising,  visit Old Main, Room 415 or call 806-651-2668.   There are  prerequisites and an application deadline for student teaching due to the placement process with the school districts.

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