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Route 66 Resources

Route 66 Resources

English Language Learner Resources

http://knowells.ning.com/ - Know ELLs: Support for Teachers of English Language Learners - This site is for Teacher Consultants. You can join for free, just request access by clicking Sign Up.

http://wowlit.org/ - World of Words: Children and Adolescent Literature Across Global Cultures

https://www.smore.com/wb0c7-keep-writing-r-e-a-l - Keep Writing R.E.A.L,: Students Write from Their Full Linguistic Repertoires

http://iseethesunbooks.com/ - I See the Sun Books
http://lead.nwp.org/ - Write/Learn/Lead by the National Writing Project - Scroll down and click on English Language Learners to find a collection of all the NWP resources for this topic.

Secondary Writing Resources

https://sites.google.com/site/nwpcollegereadywritersprogram/home - NWP College, Career, and Community Writers Program

https://sites.google.com/nwp.org/americancreed/team-resources - American Creed Resources