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WTAMU Research: Palo Duro Research Facility

Palo Duro Research Facility

The newly renovated Palo Duro Research Facility opened in August 2010 and is located at #2 Hospital Drive. The facility is intended to become the hub of the West Texas A&M University Campus Research District and promote collaborative research and alliances for research collaboration.

To date, approximately 7,000 square feet of the facility have been renovated, and space remains for additional laboratories and researchers’ office space renovations. The facility has controlled access/monitored entry and exit for the laboratories and secure entry for the offices. The laboratories have 100% fresh air and filtering of all air, fume hoods, emergency showers, eye wash stations, fire blankets, and chemical resistant surfaces and are equipped with RO/DI water. All waste water flows through a filtering system to remove any hazardous chemicals prior to being disposed of as sewage. The facility is energy efficient with energy efficient windows, efficient insulation, and motion-detection lighting. Heating and cooling is harvested from the exhaust air system.

Presently, the research facility’s occupants are:

* Alternative Energy Institute (PDRF 152-156 - Kenneth Starcher)

* Commercial Core Lab, Offering Feed and Forage Services, and Lab Olfactometry Services (PDRF 101, 119-124 - David Parker)

* Environmental Quality & Technology Research Laboratory (PDRF 113-117 - Dr. Robert DeOtte)

* Environmental Labs (PDRF 119-124 - Dr. Marty Rhoades)

* University Research Alliance (PDRF 165-169 - Cathy Dixon)

The first phase of renovations for Palo Duro Research Facility was funded through a matching grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, an agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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