West Texas A&M University

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Program Overview


Step One

1. Create a PACT profile and pass the TExES content exam


Obtain a minimum 230 out of the 240 passing score (in all tests and subtests) and meet certificate coursework for target certificate (pg. 3 of packet)

Step Two

1. Submit PACE application with required documents/fees


Deadlines to apply for PACE:
- April 1 for summer enrollment
- June 1 for fall enrollment
- December 1 for spring enrollment

2. Applications will be evaluated for admission to PACE

Step Three

1. Approved applicants will be emailed an offer of admission on letterhead, along with a PACE certification plan

2. Applicants accepting offer must return letter of acceptance in 10 working days  to program to become a ‘Candidate’

Step Four

1.  Once the candidate confirms acceptance into the program, instructions for the following steps will be provided to the candidate:

2. Application to Graduate School

3. Request for Field Experience

4. Complete Candidate paperwork

Step Five

1. Submit Graduate School admission letter to PACE program in order for ‘student admission’ to be confirmed

2. Set up advising appointment with PACE advisor to complete the 3 T’s:
Testing, Training, and Teaching

Step Six

1. Complete required Testing

2. Complete Training - 40 hrs of early field experience and specific PACE professional coursework

3. Meet requirements to pursue a Teaching option

Step Seven

1. Eligible candidates request a supervised teaching experience by either:
Submitting clinical teaching application by Dec 1/June 1


Securing a letter of eligibility (LOE)


Applying/interviewing for an approved teaching position with an ISD

Step Eight

1. Successfully complete a supervised teaching experience by:

Clinical Teaching or Internship

2. Confirm the 3T’s are successfully completed and request to apply for certification