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Core Lab - Odor and Emissions Research Services

Odor and Emissions Research Services

Lab Olfactometry can determine an odor's DT, Hedonic Tone, and Intensity using our trained Odor Assessors. We are always interested in odor and air-quality related research. Lab Olfactometry manufactures and pre-conditions Tedlar® bags on site to assure odor free sampling materials. The bags are pre-conditioned via heating in a drying oven at 100º C for 24 hours, then purged with Zero-air.

The Commercial Core Lab can analyze odor samples for a variety of sources. Each odor panel includes quality assurance analyses including a 40 ppm n-butanol standard and a machine blank. Tedlar® bags and/or a vacuum chamber can also be supplied.

The Lab uses a Triangular Force Choice Method Olfactometer.

The Lab also has the ability to analyze ambient air samples collected on sorbent tubes with GC/MS and GC/MS-olfactometry. The GC/MS-O has the ability to couple Odor panelists data with analytical data collected from a GC/MS. Analysis for Thermal desorption tube samples can be arranged in advance and can be from a variety of sources.

Reference Methods:


ASTM E679-04

Determination of Odor and Taste Threshold by a Forced-Choice Ascending Concentration Series Method of Limits.   (United States)

EN 13725:2003

European Standard on Determination of Odour Concentration by Dynamic Olfactometry.  (European Community)


Provisional Standard: Air Quality.   Sensory Odour Measurement using an Olfactometer.  (Netherlands)

VDI 3881

Olfactometry: Odour Threshold Determination.  (Germany)



Please contact David Parker for scheduling your odor analysis needs.



Odor analysis using GC/MS-Olfactometry


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