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Core Lab - Odor and Emissions Current Research

Odor and Emissions Research

The West Texas A&M University Commercial Core Laboratory is located in the newly renovated Palo Duro Research Facility. The Laboratory is managed by Edward A. Caraway M.S., a Research Associate at West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas. Mr. Caraway has testified in animal and poultry odor cases.

The WTAMU Commercial Core Lab is equipped to conduct analysis for both industry and academia. Our capabilities include Lab Olfactometry and analysis of various compounds by GC/MS in air and other media. Current projects include Air Quality testing for odorous sVOCs (semi Volatile Organic Compounds), analysis of Omega 3 fatty acids in blood and oils, and Laboratory olfactometry for odor emissions related to the swine industry.

Our Laboratory has worked with Smithfield Foods, Sanderson Poultry Farms, several universities, and several environmental service companies.

The instrumental capabilities of the laboratory are:

  • Gas Chromatography/Mass Spec
  • Near Infared (NIR) analysis of Feed, Forage, and Waste
  • Lab Olfactometry using Triangular Forced Choice Olfactometry
  • Field Olfactometry

Analysis capabilities can include but are not limited to:

  • Odor and/or Odorous Volatile Organic Compounds impacting areas around concentrated animal Feeding operations for research projects.
  • Odor and Odorous Volatile Organic Compound analysis/reporting for regulatory purposes
  • Feed and forage analysis for Animal feeding operations.
  • Developing and refining analysis methods to further scientific research at WTAMU and create a superior quality learning environment.
  • Maintaining both a high quality research and an above reproach contract laboratory level of work product.