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Department of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics
Nick Flynn

Department of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics (MCP) at West Texas A&M University. Our department is very much focused on helping our students to succeed. In particular, we provide students with unique opportunities, engaging research experiences and advanced instructional support. These efforts have led to the success of our students in regard to professional development and employment opportunities which we will also highlight here.

Our faculty work very hard at providing students with unique opportunities. Motivated students interested in teaching or applying their abilities can serve as tutors in our Math Lab or assistants in our laboratory courses. These opportunities also include the opportunity to do undergraduate research.

Speaking of research, our departmental website provides many examples of faculty involvement in research. Available opportunities include astronomy, learning mathematics with technology, and chemistry with lasers. Our research opportunities in mathematics are also top notch and include computational mathematics, theoretical mathematics and mathematics education. Other undergraduate and graduate research opportunities include cancer research or work in the area of sensor technology thus allowing students the opportunity to make a significant difference in the world that they live in. Many of our students who participate in these research projects participate in student conferences with several winning awards in competitions held at these meetings.

Students have access to advanced instructional support within our department. We are, for example, active participants in offering Supplemental Instruction and Learning Communities within our courses. Our Math Lab provides tutoring in math from beginning algebra to calculus II and our Virtual Math Lab http://www.wtamu.edu/mathlab contains in depth online tutorials for beginning, intermediate, and college algebra as well as study sessions for the math part of the GRE and THEA/ACCUPLACER. Learners from all over the world have visited this site. All of these advanced instructional support opportunities were adopted in order to help students succeed.

If you want proof of the dedication of our faculty with regard to student success beyond West Texas A&M University, we offer the following evidence. We are very proud of our student acceptance rates into graduate and professional schools and, in particular, the fact that almost all of our students are accepted into their first school of choice. It is important to state that each of the departmental disciplines is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) area. Since there is a shortage of graduates in STEM areas throughout the global marketplace, graduates of our MCP programs have little to no trouble finding jobs. Additionally, we have demonstrated a significant increase in the number of STEM majors at West Texas A&M University as well as retention of students in our STEM courses. Finally, our graduates consistently contact us to express their gratitude for our dedication to their success.

As a department, we would like to thank you for your interest in the opportunities that we can provide you. If you have any questions regarding our department please do not hesitate to contact our office, our faculty or me. We are here to help you succeed.

Nick Flynn, Ph.D.
Department Head

Contact Information

MCP Department: 806-651-2540


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