West Texas A&M University

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PACE - Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Department of Education

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) – 30 Hours [36 SCH if doing student teaching]

The MAT program will allow PACE candidates to complete requirements for initial teacher certification[18 SCH], expand their knowledge and skills to support their effectiveness as teachers, and meet state certificate renewal requirements in their respective fields.  All 18 SCH for teacher certification will apply toward the total 30-36 SCH for the MAT.

NOTE: The MAT degree will not lead to a professional certificate (counselor, diagnostician, or principal); however, certain MAT courses may serve as leveling courses for other graduate programs. If a professional certification is the goal, contact PACE for referral to the appropriate adviser for that program.

Admission Requirements

  • Apply to WT's PACE program (separate from and prior to graduate school application)
  • Upon program approval, apply to graduate school using the Grad U.S. Application, wtamu.edu/admissions/apply_graduate.aspx, for the "Education/Teaching Masters program" and submit the fee.

Degree Completion/Graduation Requirements

A candidate must meet these requirements to graduate with the MAT degree:

  • Hold a Standard Texas Educator Certificate (complete all testing, training, and teaching requirements)
  • Completion of all course work as outlined on the official MAT Plan of Study, and
  • Passing a written comprehensive exam.

Note: The candidate is not eligible to sit for the comprehensive exam until standard certification is complete.