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Beloved or Bloody Valentine                                                             February 2017

  • Jessica Amezcua 
  • Melissa Anne
  • Elijah Artis
  • Caroline Brea 
  • Lily Gamble
  • Autumn M. Harper
  • Rachel Hodges
  • Emily Holt
  • Amelia James
  • Lil Nae
  • Mikayla Martinets
  • Eric Meljac
  • Stephanie Milam
  • Megan K. Miller SECOND PLACE
  • Jovan Munoz
  • Stephanie Paris-Quintana
  • Kane Pittman FIRST PLACE
  • Kayla Steffens
  • Kevin Strickland
  • R. Ben Todd THIRD PLACE
  • Lyssa Wolf
  • Summer Baker
  • Cristian J. Mora


Fall/Winter Online                                                                              2015-2016


  • Please Don’t Feed the Foxes by Nessa Locke
  • Harvest Moon by Vanessa Garcia
  • Cops on Call by Austin Ervin
  • This is What Death Feels Like by Abby Betts
  • Stars by Abby Betts
  • Burning Fences by Nessa Locke
  • Liberty by Erin Webster
  • I Really Hate Clowns by Jasmine Aranda
  • Summoning of Solace by M. Royce Dyer
  • Mt. Massive Madness by Trevor Grundlach
  • The Zen of Smiling by M. Royce Dyer
  • Published with the support of the

Dean of the Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities,

the Department of English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages,

and Student Services at West Texas A&M University