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Weird Stories and Dark Tales

Contest Rules

1. Each submission must be EXACTLY 666 words (exclusive of the title).

2. All students, faculty, staff, and alumni of WTAMU are eligible to submit.

3. Submissions to: legacy@wtamu.edu

4. Include your name & contact information in the body of the email.

5. Subject Line: WSDT Submission

DEADLINE: Midnight October 19, 2018


Please read the submission guidelines before submitting your work to legacy@wtamu.edu.

Past Contest Winners

Beloved or Bloody Valentines, Spring 2018

  • First Place - "insecurity" by Ayekayi Lwin
  • Second Place - "The Phoenix" by Regina Chanel Rodriguez
  • Third Place - "Forever Mine" by Milagros Mendoza

Weird Stories and Dark Tales, Fall 2017

  • First Place - "My Friends" by Markie Kidd
  • Second Place - "Among Us" by Caitlin Bartz
  • Third Place - "Inject" by Corbin Dawkins

Beloved or Bloody Valentines, Spring 2017

  • First Place - "Ode to Texas" by Kane Pittman
  • Second Place - "I Loved a Lie" by Megan K. Miller
  • Third Place - "The Price" by R. Ben Todd

Beloved or Bloody Valentines, Spring 2014

  • First Place - "Chemistry" by Mattie McAlvy
  • Second Place - "Someone Another Mentioned" by Melissa McCallum
  • Third Place - "The Reality of Love" by Alex Holden Martinez

Weird Stories and Dark Tales, Fall 2013

  • First Place, "They Were So Proud" by Alex Holden Martinez
  • Second Place "Untitled" by Danielle Kiper
  • Third Place "Surrender" by Jeffrey Schiller

Beloved or Bloody Valentines, Spring 2013

  • First Place - "Strawberry" by Caleb Baker
  • Second Place - "Coattails and Gold Doubloons" by Miranda Jade Parman
  • Third Place - "For the Love of Murder" by Megan Moore

Weird Stories and Dark Tales, Fall 2012

  • First Place - "Soul 666" by Bethany Jones
  • Second Place - "Nothing to Fear" by Joshua West
  • Third Place - I'm Alive! by Rebekah St. Clair

Weird Stories and Dark Tales, Fall 2011

  • Winning Selection - "Mosquitoes" by Chris Hudson
  • First Runner-Up - "The Static" by Trenton K. Roberson
  • Second Runner-Up - "Chomp, Slurp, Mash, Gnash" by Graham Sample
  • Honorable Mention - "Schhk" by J. Adam Gibbs

Weird Stories and Dark Tales, Fall 2010

  • First Place Winner - "Hunting Trip" by Michael Boyles
  • First Runner-Up - "Corpse Grindin' Man" by Brant Nelson
  • Second Runner-Up- "Los Muertos y Los Muriendos" by Dominick Miller
  • Honorable Mention - "A Taxi" by Trent Roberson

Beloved or Bloody Valentine Edition, Spring 2010

  • First Place Winner - "Cantor" by Summer Fenwick
  • Second Place Winner - "Snowmen" by Jonathan Baker
  • Third Place Winner - "Milwaukee Avenue" by Sarah Stone

Weird Stories and Dark Tales, Fall 2009

  • First Place Winner - "Tree Line" by Tim Reed
  • Second Place Winner - "Non Cogito" by Joseph Ammons
  • Third Place Winner - "Sleep is a Blessing that Comes Nightly" by Jonathan Baker
  • Honorable Mention - "Solitary Confinement" by Joshuah O'Brien