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Research is a vital part of all that we do at West Texas A&M University. Scientific inquiry to improve the human condition continues on a daily basis at WT, directed by highly qualified and dedicated professionals. Working side-by-side with other universities, businesses, and industry leaders, our faculty and staff are becoming known around the world as a group of passionate investigators with a heart for service. We encourage you to contact our research faculty to assist you. You may contact them directly or seek assistance through our office of Sponsored Research Services. They will be able to connect you to a qualified researcher. You may also contact our Vice President of Research and Compliance and Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Angela Spaulding, for further assistance.


Dr. Angela Spaulding       

The following is a partial listing of the research faculty at West Texas A&M University.  Click on the researcher's name for more information. For more information, consult our Curriculum Vitae page.

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Abdullat, Amjad - Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems

Alex, Rajan - Professor of Computer Science

Almas, Lal - Associate Professor of Agricultural Business and Economics

Ambrose, Bill - Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Andersen, Amy C. - Associate Professor of Education

Anwar, Syed Tariq - Professor of Marketing

Babb, Jeffry - Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems

Baker, Lance A. - Associate Professor of Animal Science

Barbee, Gary C. - Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Bartlett, Michelle - Assistant Professor of Sports and Exercise Sciences

Beckley, Robert E. - Professor of Sociology

Bigham, Gary - Assistant Professor of Education

Bingham, Douglas P. - Professor of Biology

Bingham, Teri - Associate Professor of Education

Blaser, Brock C. - Assistant Professor of Plant Science

Bogener, Stephen D. - Assistant Professor of History

Bouma, Carolyn L. - Associate Professor of Biology

Brantley, Royal - Professor of Theatre

Brasington, Bruce - Professor of History

Brooks, B.J. - Associate Professor of Music

Browning, Leigh - Associate Professor of Mass Communication

Cain, Butler - Assistant Professor of Communication

Calvi, James V. - Teel Bivins Professor of American Politics

Campbell, Ashley J. - Assistant Professor of Education

Cansler, Joe Ella - Associate Professor of Voice

Castillo, Yvette - Assistant Professor of Education

Cepeda, Joseph - Professor of Geology

Chase, Charles - Associate Professor of Sports and Exercise Sciences

Chen, Gerald - Associate Professor of Engineering Technology

Clark, Elizabeth M. - Associate Professor of History

Clark, James R. - Professor of Animal Science

Clark, Paul - Associate Professor of History

Clewett, Cathy - Assistant Professor of Physics

Combs, Randel L.- Associate Professor of Mathematics

Craig, David W. - Assistant Professor of Physics

Davenport, Deborah - Associate Professor of Nursing

Davis, Freddie J. - Associate Professor of Engineering

Davis, Lisa A. - Associate Professor of Nursing

De' Armond, De'Arno - Assistant Professor and Hickman Professor of Marketing

Debutte, Maxine - Assistant Professor of Psychology

DeOtte, Robert E. Jr. - Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Drumheller, Kristina - Assistant Professor of Communication

DuBois, Ted - Professor of Music

Dursun-Kilic, Turkan - Assistant Professor of Marketing

Flynn, Nick - Professor of Biochemistry

Frish, Scott S. - Assistant Professor of Art

Gerlich, R. Nicholas - Professor of Marketing, Gene Edwards Professor of Banking

Ghosh, Nabarun - Associate Professor of Biology

Gill, Kristina - Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Hansen, Robert - Regents Professor of Music

Hanson, Trudy L. - Professor of Communication Studies

Hart, David - Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Hart, Monica - Assistant Professor of English

Hawkins, Dean - Professor of Agricultural Sciences

Hueston, Harry R. - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Hunt, Emily M. - Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Hwang, Sang K. - Associate Professor of Education

Issa, Roy J. - Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Jacobsen, Martin - Associate Professor of English

Jackson, Matt - Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Jafar, Musa J. - Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems

Kahler, Edward P. - Associate Professor of Music

Kelley, Gary - Professor of Computer Information Systems

Khan, David R. - Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Kieth, Lance - Associate Professor of Agriculture Education

Krause, Robert J. - Professor of Oboe

Kreissl, Laura - Assistant Professor of Accounting

Kuennen, Matthew - Assistant Professor of Sports and Exercise Science

Kunz, Jenifer - Professor of Sociology

Landon, John - Professor of Theatre

Landram, Frank G. - Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems

Lawrence, Ty E. - Associate Professor of Animal Science

Lee, J. Rex - Assistant Professor of Biology

Leitch, Kenneth R. - Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Li, Andrew - Associate Professor and Williams Professor of Management

Lockwood, Pamela R. - Professor of Mathematics

Loya, Melody Aye - Associate Professor of Social Work

Lust, David - Assistant Professor of Animal Science

MacDonald, Bonney - Professor of English

Macy-Terry, Anne - Professor of Finance

Mallard, Jessica - Professor of Communication Studies, Dean of Fine Arts and Humanities

Matlack, Raymond S. - Assistant Professor of Biology

Medlock, Anne - Assistant Professor of Theatre

Mills, LaVelle H. - Professor of Management

Monroe, Suzanne S. - Professor of Education

Nam, Choong-ha - Associate Professor of Music 

Nelson, J. Dirk - Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Nix, Susan J. - Associate Professor of Education

Osei-Hwere, Enyonam - Assistant Professor of Communication

Owens, James K. - Professor of Finance

Pearson, Byron - Associate Professor of History

Pendleton, Bonnie B. – Associate Professor of Integrated Pest Management – Entomology

Pipkin, John - Professor of Animal Science

Pjesky, Rex - Assistant Professor of Economics, Associate Dean of Graduate School

Price, Keith - Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Pulliam, Darlene - Professor of Accounting

Rausch, John David, Jr. - Teel Bivins Professor of Political Science

Ray, Randy - Instructor of Mass Communication

Reyes, Helen - Assistant Professor of Nursing

Rider, Gary - Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Law

Riney, Mark R. - Associate Professor of Education

Robertson, J. Tanner - Assistant Professor of Agricultural Sciences

Rogers, William Jim - Professor of Environmental Sciences

Roos, Bonnie - Assistant Professor of English

Rosa, Duane J. - Professor of Economics

Rose, Richard - Assistant Professor of Education

Schultz, Gerald E. - Professor of Geology

Seth, Daniel - Professor of Mathematics

Severn, Stephen E. - Assistant Professor of English

Shaffer, Wade - Professor of History, Provost

Shao, Bin - Assistant Professor of Management

Sissom, W. David - Professor of Biology

Spaulding, Angela - Professor of Educational Leadership, Dean of the Graduate School, Vice President of Research and Compliance

Starcher, Kenneth - Assistant Director of Alternative Energy Institute

Strong, Lorna - Instructor and Department Head of Sports and Exercise Sciences

Stuntz, Jean A. - Associate Professor of History

Takacs, William - Associate Professor of Music

Tao, Shiquan - Associate Professor of Chemistry

Tariq, Susan Martin - Professor of Music

Terry, Neil - Professor of Economics, Dean of the College of Business

Teweleit, Russell - Assistant Professor of Music

Thomas, Constantine P. - Professor of Education

Tyrer, Pat - Assistant Professor of English

Vizzini, Bryan E. - Associate Professor of History

Von Lintel, Amy - Assistant Professor of Art History

Wang, Huabing (Barbara) - Associate Professor of Finance

Ward, Rocky - Assistant Professor of Biology

Welch, Reed - Associate Professor of Political Science

Westermann, Lori - Instructor of Mass Communication

Williams, Gwendolyn Chiplin - Associate Professor of Education

Wilson, Howard - Associate Professor of Communication Disorders


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