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Institutional Research - THECB Accountability System

THECB Accountability System 


  • Key Measures
    • Enrollment
    • Full-Time Equivalent Enrollment
  • Contextual Measures
    • First-time undergraduates from Texas top 10%
    • First-time entering applicants accepted
    • First-time accepted, enrolled
    • Racial and ethnic composition of Texas public high school graduates
    • UG Students by SCH taken at 2-year colleges
    • Semester credit hours


  • Key Measures
    • Graduation Rate: 4-, 5-, and 6-Year
    • Degrees awarded
    • Undergraduate degrees to at-risk students
    • Closing the Gaps Critical Fields: STEM Awards
    • Nursing and Allied Health
    • Allied Health
    • Teacher Production and Certification
    • Graduation and Persistence Rate: 6-Year
  • Contextual Measures
    • Enrollment: Percent of first-time students 19 and under
    • Financial Aid: Percent of students receiving Pell Grants
    • Part-time first-time, degree seeking, undergraduates
    • Persistence rate of first-time, degree-seeking undergraduates: One-Year
    • Persistence rate of first-time, degree-seeking undergraduates: Two-Year
    • Students who successfully complete a college-level course in math, reading and writing.
      (Prepared students are given 1 year. Under-prepared students are given 3 years.)
    • Underprepared students who satisfied TSI obligation within 2 years.
    • Percent of students who return the following fall.
    • Graduation of two-year college students
    • Baccalaureate graduates who completed SCHs at two-year colleges
    • Graduation Rates
    • Baccalaureate graduate success
    • Baccalaureate Graduates Employment/Enrollment Status
    • Baccalaureate graduates enrollment status: enrolled in graduate school
    • Baccalaureate graduates enrollment status employed and enrolled in a graduate school
    • Undergraduate efficiency ratio

Excellence Measures

  • Key Measures
    • Faculty Teaching
    • Student/Faculty Ratio
    • State and National Exams Success
    • Tenured/Tenure-Track FTE Faculty
    • Quality Enhancement Plan
    • Excellent Programs
  • Contextual Measures
    • FTE tenured/tenure-track faculty demographics
    • Faculty Rank
    • Faculty Salary Comparisons
    • Endowed Professorships and Chairs
    • Nobel Prize Winners and National Academies
    • Other Faculty Awards

Research Measures

  • Key Measures
    • Federal and Private Research
    • Research Expenditures
    • Sponsored Research Funds
  • Contextual Measures
    • Research Expenditures by Source ($ Millions)
    • Faculty holding extramural research grants
    • Patents issued
    • Patent applications

Institutional Efficiency and Effectiveness Measures

  • Key Measures
    • Administrative Cost
    • Space Usage Efficiency (SUE)
    • Appropriated Funds per FTE Faculty
    • Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)
    • Operating Expenses per FTE Student
    • Total Revenue per FTE Student and FTE teaching Faculty
  • Contextual Measures
    • Average class size
    • Percentage of undergraduate classes with less than 20 students
    • Percentage of undergraduate classes with more than 50 students
    • Average cost of resident undergraduate tuition and fees for 30 SCH.
    • E&G Square footage
    • True and Term Endowment ($ millions)
    • Quasi Endowment ($ millions)
    • Total Endowment ($ millions)
    • Total Endowment - Per FTE student
    • Total Revenue

Faculty Information