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IHS Conference - Schedule
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IHS Conference

Schedule - subject to change


Friday, March 15
11:00-8:00    Registration
1:00-7:00      Exhibits Open
1:00-3:00      Solo Competitions, First Round (unaccompanied)
                              Undergraduate Division - 1:00-3:00 start Choir Room
                              Graduate Division - 1:00-3:00 start Northen Hall
                              High School Division - 1:00 start Fine Arts Recital Hall
3:00              Session I: Lanette Compton “Drop the Beat” warm-up technique Choir Room Fine Arts Complex 227
5:30                       Welcome
6:00              Featured Artist Recital JD Shaw NRH
7:00               Post Recital Reception
8:00               Featured Artist Concert I Vladimiro Cainero Horn Denise Parr-Scanlin Piano Northen Recital Hall (Reception to follow)
9:30-11:00   Advancing solo competitors’ rehearsals (with Pianist)

Saturday, March 16
8:00   9:00   Warmups I NRH
8:00a-7:30p  Registration
9:00a-6:00p  Exhibits Open
9:00a-12:00p Solo Competitions (all divisions), Final Round NRH
10:30            Session II Auditioning for Orchestras and Service Bands/ Recital Nathaniel Willson Naval Academy FACRH
11:45            Lunch Break
1:15-5:00     Mock Orchestral Auditions (Choir Room Fine Arts Complex 227)
1:00             Participant Horn Choir Rehearsal (OSU Horn Choir NRH)
2:15             Session III: JD Shaw, Mastering Performance Anxiety and Excelling Stage Presence FACRH
3:30             Regional Artist Recital III: Elliot Higgins and Co. and Kim Hagelstein duet, David Potter NRH
4:45             Masterclass I: Vladimiro Cainero FACRH
5:45             Dinner Break
6:30             Horn Choir Concert Oklahoma State Horn Choir Northen Recital Hall
8:00             Featured Artist Concert II: Martin Hackleman Northen Recital Hall (Reception to follow)

Sunday, March 17
8:00-11:30   Exhibits Open
8:00             Warmups II
8:00             Mid-South Professors Meeting
9:00             Participant Horn Choir Rehearsal
10:00           Masterclass II: Martin Heckleman FACRH
11:30-1:00   Final Concert: West Texas A&M University Horn Choir/ Competition Winners