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History Graduate Student Life

History Graduate Student Life

Life at WTAMU

Internships and Graduate Assistantships

Awarded on a competitive basis


Courses are usually small and often stacked with undergraduates. 


Our students have attended the Regional Phi Alpha Theta Conference.

Occasionally, students will attend larger conferences such as the Society of Military History.


Graduate students are welcome to take part and Phi Alpha Theta and the History Club.

Facebook Pages:

Phi Alpha Theta

History Club

In case you need a break...

Amarillo and Canyon have a number sites to visit.  Whether you need just five minutes at a coffee shop, a day on Route 66, or the bustle of a metorplex, we are located 4-5 hours from Dallas, Albuquerque, and Denver.

Local Coffee Shops

The 806


Things to See

Palo Duro Canyon

Route 66