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Graduate School Getting Connected with Your Program Advisor

Getting Connected with Your Program Advisor

One of the most important people in your graduate school career is your program advisor. Your advisor will be with you from the time you apply to the day you graduate.
  • As an applicant, the program advisor will provide you an understanding of the program, its coursework, and the value the program will bring to your life.
  • Once you have been admitted, your program advisor will work with you to develop a plan of study which will list all of the courses you will take. Your advisor will also clear you to register for classes.
  • During the time that you are a graduate student, your program advisor will be a vital source of support, advice, and encouragement.
  • As you near the end of your program, your advisor will help you prepare for your culminating experience, whether that means comprehensive exams, thesis defense, certification exams, or some combination of them all.

Program Advisors' Contact Information

College of Agriculture, Science, and Engineering

     Agriculture PhD and Master's programs: Dr. James Clark jclark@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2601.

     Biology: Dr. David Sissom dsissom@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2570.

     Chemistry: Dr. David Khan dkhan@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2547.

     Engineering Technology: Dr. Gerald Chen gchen@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2449.

     Environmental Science: Dr. Jim Rogers jrogers@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2581.

     Mathematics: Dr. Pamela Lockwood plockwood@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2536.

College of Business

     Accounting: Dr. Darlene Pulliam dpulliam@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2521.

     Business, Finance, and Economics: Dr. LaVelle Mills lmills@wtamu.edu, 806-651-3866.

College of Education and Social Sciences

     Counseling (MA): Dr. Yvette Castillo ycastillo@wtamu.edu, 806-651-8233.

     Counseling (MED): Dr. Leigh Green legreen@wtamu.edu, 806-651-8209.

     Criminal Justice: Dr. Harry Hueston hhueston@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2421.

     Curriculum and Instruction: Dr. Mark Riney mriney@wtamu.edu, 806-651-3624.

     Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Reading: Dr. Sang Hwang shwang@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2617.

     Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Special Education: Dr. Angie Elkins aelkins@wtamu.edu, 806-651-3612.

     Educational Diagnostician: Dr. Angie Elkins aelkins@wtamu.edu, 806-651-3612.

     Educational Leadership: Dr. Susan Nix snix@wtamu.edu, 806-651-3620.

     Instructional Design and Technology: Dr. Richard Rose rrose@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2621.

     Psychology: Kenneth Denton kdenton@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2608.

     School Psychology: Kenneth Denton kdenton@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2608.

     Social Work: Dr. Melody Loya mloya@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2594.

     Teaching: Ms. Susan Allen slallen@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2613; Mr. Gilbert Antunez gantunez@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2908.  

College of Fine Arts and Humanities

     Art: Chad Holliday cholliday@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2834; Jon Revett trevett@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2792

     Communications: Dr. Enyonam Osei-Hwere eosei-hwere@wtam.edu, 806-651-2411.

     English: Dr. Bonney MacDonald bmacdonald@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2456.

     History: Dr. Matthew Reardon mreardon@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2427.

     Music: Dr. Benjamin Brooks bbrooks@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2862.

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

     Communication Disorders:Dr. Brenda Cross bcross@wtamu.edu, 806-651-5109.

     Nursing (Comprehensive and FNP): Dr. Lisa Davis ldavis@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2641.

     Sports and Exercise Science: Dr. Charles Chase cchase@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2376.