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Education on Demand Writers' Academy
West Texas Writers' Academy June 6-10, 2016 Hosted by Jodi Thomas and Timothy Lewis

From world building for series writers to firearms simulations for crime writers, the West Texas Writers Academy presents in-depth, experiencial courses for writers to sharpen their skills.

Whether a beginner or already published, students at the 2016 academy can expect to make huge strides towards their publishing goals by gaining an understanding of the current landscape of the traditional and self-publishing scenes, working on their manuscript in class with the help of instructors and fellow students,and learning new writing and editing tools. Small class sizes (15 or fewer) allow students to talk through their own plots and characterizations while in class to receive critiques and motivation to continue on their writing journey.

Registration for the 2016 academy is money well spent. Many students have gone on to become published by commercial publishing houses, including every student in the first academy. Academy alumni include Celia Bonaduce and Bethany Claire.

“Without hesitation, I can say that West Texas Writer’s Academy is what laid the foundation for my career as a writer. The knowledgeable and caring instructors helped me to hone my craft and gain the confidence I needed to believe that I could pursue my dream of writing. Don’t hesitate for a moment to take advantage of this great week of learning, growth, and friendship. No matter where you are in your writing career, there is something to be learned during this invaluable week. Just be ready to work hard, have fun, and improve your writing while the parameters of what you believe possible for yourself expand. I know firsthand that a week here can change your life.”

Bethany Claire, USA TODAY Bestselling Author of Morna’s Legacy Series

We've added 2 new in-depth classes to our offerings!