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EOD Writers' Academy - Manuscript Guidelines

Proper Manuscript Format

1.  One-inch margins all the way around. Header will be approx. ½ inch from top of page.
2.  Use twelve-point Courier or Times New Roman font.
3.  Approximately 25 lines per page or 250 words per page.
4.  Paragraphs double-spaced, first line of paragraph indented 5 spaces, left justified only. (No right justified.)
5.  White, 20lb. bond paper, all from same batch/brand. No carbon or onion skin paper – ever!
6.  No rings, brads, staples or bindings of any kind. A single rubber band is fine. Mail in non-padded envelope or box.
7.  On the title page include: (this page is not numbered, with no header)
- BOOK TITLE (all caps), centered about 5 inches from the top of the page
- Your name centered double/double space below the TITLE
- Your contact information in upper left corner. Include: name, address, phone #’s, e-mail address, and word count
8.   Each page (except title page) contains a header which has the page number at top right; your manuscript’s TITLE (all caps),
      and last name separated by a slash at top left. Ex: THE FIRM/Grisham
9.   Start chapters about 5 inches from top of page, not centered (left justified). Double-double space to first paragraph.
10. Indicate scene breaks with # or * * * on a single line (pick one, use consistently).
11. As a rule use italics rather than underlining. No bold!
12. Check each page for light spots, marks, correct page numbers, printer inconsistencies.