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EOD Credit Courses

Credit Courses

Education on Demand's credit courses are flexible and ready to start when you are.  From self-paced courses to accelerated courses to novelty subjects, Education on Demand can fit the needs of degree-seeking students or life-long learners.  Register today!

Self-paced Courses

For students who find they are short a few hours of graduating at the end of the semester, want a self-paced course or are ready to take courses after the University registration deadline, Education on Demand offers courses that can be started anytime and will apply towards a degree plan.  Students have up to 9 months to complete the self-paced courses, and if needed, can apply for a three month extension.

Course(s) begin immediately when transcripts are received. 3 hour courses cost $595, 4 hour courses cost $775, 3 hour graduate courses cost $757. Self-paced courses are not eligible for financial aid.

  • CHEM 1411C   Chemistry I
  • CHEM 1412C   Chemistry II
  • COMM 1318C   Interpersonal Communications
  • COMM 3341C  Persuasion
  • CRIJ 3362C      Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • ENGL 2311C     Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing
  • ENGL 2341C     Introduction to Literature
  • HIST 1301C      America 1492-1877
  • HIST 1302C      America since 1877
  • MATH 2412C    Pre-Calculus
  • MATH 2413C     Calculus I
  • MATH 2414C     Calculus II
  • MATH 3342C     Differential Equations
  • MCOM 1307C   Introduction to Mass Communication
  • MGT 3330C      Principles of Management
  • POSC 2305C    American National Government
  • POSC 2306C    American State and Local Government
  • POSC 3362C    Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • RELI 1371C      Old Testament Studies
  • RELI 1372C      New Testament Studies
  • SES 3316C       Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
  • SOCI 3362C      Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • SOCI 4311C      Sociology of Family
  • SOCI 4321C      Racial and Cultural Minorities
  • SOCW 3362C    Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • SOCW 4303C    Social Services for Children and Families

Accelerated Courses (6 weeks) 

Accelerated courses save time and money and expedite students toward graduation.  By taking HIST 1301E and 1302E in the accelerated format, students finish two courses in the space of one semester instead of two long semesters.  Accelerated courses are as rigorous as traditional courses, so this option is for the motivated student. Accelerated courses are eligible for financial aid.

Semester-based Courses

  • ANSC 4311E/5311E/6311E       Pharmaceutical Use in Cattle   
  • SGNL 2311E                                American Sign Language I    
  • SGNL 2312E                                American Sign Language II  
  • MCOM 3372E                               Mass Media Law
  • RELI 1371E                                  Old Testament Studies
  • RELI 1372E                                  New Testament Studies