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Education on Demand Credit Courses

Credit Courses

Education on Demand's credit courses are flexible and ready to start when you are.  From self-paced courses to accelerated courses to novelty subjects, Education on Demand can fit the needs of degree-seeking students or life-long learners.

All university credit courses offered by EoD are part of the WTAMU catalog.  As such, EoD courses are vetted by the department head and academic dean for quality and rigor.  If the course is equivalent to the on-campus course, both sign an approval to open the course for enrollment through EoD.

Education on Demand

For students who find they are short a few hours of graduating at the end of the semester, want a self-paced course or are ready to take courses after the University regstration deadline, Education on Demand offers courses that can be started anytime and will apply towards a degree plan.  Students have up to 9 months to complete the self-paced courses, and if needed, can apply for a three month extension.

Accelerated Courses

Accelerated courses save time and money and expedites students toward graduation.  By taking HIST 1301E and 1302E in the accelrated format, students finish two courses in the space of one semester instead of two long semesters.  Accelerated courses are as rigorous as traditional courses, so this option is for the motivated student.

Semester-based Courses

Pharmaceutical Use in Cattle     ANSC 4311E/5311E/6311E

For professionals and students alike, this course will provide instruction on basic pharmacology, indications, precautions and adverse effects of veterinary labeled pharmaceuticals for the treatment of diseases affecting beef and dairy cattle.

American Sign Language I     SGNL 2311E
American Sign Language II    SGNL 2312E

To fulfill the foriegn language requirement for a Bachelor of Arts degree, students can enroll in American Sign Language I (SGNL 2311E) in the fall semester and follow it with Sign Language II (SGNL 2312E) in the spring. Both classes are taught on Monday evenings.

A spring section of  American Sign Language I (SGNL 2311E) is offered for Communication Disorders majors only.  The class is currently taught on Tuesday evenings.

Mass Media Law  MCOM 3372E

To add availability to a very popular class, EoD offers Mass Media Law during the long semesters.