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Educational Leadership - Philosophy, Vision, Mission and Goals

Educational Leadership

Philosophy, Vision, Mission and Goals

The Educational Leadership program fully embraces the West Texas A&M University Core Values, Mission Statement, and Strategic Plan. Specific to the Educational Leadership program, our vision and mission are as follows:


The vision of the West Texas A&M University’s Educational Leadership program is to be the program of
for students in pursuit of
Master of Education in Educational Leadership
Texas Principal Certification
Texas Superintendent Certification

The West Texas A&M University Educational Leadership program is dedicated to educating tomorrow’s educational leaders through its innovative academic program. Our faculty prepare students for leadership roles in education by
Providing a technology rich education
Constantly improving its academically challenging educational experience
Engaging students through effective teaching and practical experiences involving
Creative activities
Experiential learning

 Our core values and student-centered philosophy are foundational to our vision and mission.

Core Values
The West Texas A&M University Educational Leadership program values:
·         Academic and intellectual freedom
·         Pursuit of excellence in all endeavors
·         Creativity and innovation
·         Respect for the dignity of all individuals
·         Cooperation and communication
·         Community service and leadership
·         Exceed expectations of internal and external customers
·         Continuous improvement
·         Integrity
·         Diversity

Student-Centered Philosophy

The West Texas A&M University Educational Leadership program is entirely committed to ensuring that aspiring educational leaders have opportunities to succeed in their endeavors while they are enrolled as our students and throughout the remainder of their lives. The West Texas A&M University Educational Leadership program:
·         Exists first and foremost to provide a superb education to aspiring educational leaders
·         Values and emphasizes rigorous academic standards and student expectations to contribute to the future success of aspiring educational leaders and the field of education
·         Is committed to challenging aspiring educational leaders to excel in the field
·         Is committed to constantly adapting teaching methodologies and instructional delivery to provide a learning environment consistent with aspiring educational leaders’ needs and learning styles
·         Is committed to increasing students’ personal responsibility for learning by providing participatory learning opportunities
·         Schedules courses designed to best meet the needs of aspiring educational leaders
·         Is committed to continuous program improvement
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