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Educational Leadership - Obtaining Professional Certification

Educational Leadership Program

Obtaining Professional Certification


Basic Information about Certification

State certification for Texas school administrators consists of two types: full and probationary. Full certification is sought by students who have successfully completed their respective certification programs. Probationary certification may be obtained in special cases where students are hired in an administrative position prior to their completion of the required certification program. For more detailed information about full and probationary certification, refer to the Educator Certification website.

The university advisers for guidance on the processes below are Dr. Nix for principal certification and Dr. Bigham for superintendent certification. Their email addresses are snix@wtamu.edu and gbigham@wtamu.edu.

Preparing for Success on the TExES


Steps in Preparing for Success on the TExES

Level of Certification Sought

1. Completion of course/program requirements



2. Registering for the TExES



3. Take the practice TExES



4. Attend TExES review session



5. Preparing on your own for the TExES



Full Certification

Registering for the TExES

To be eligible to take the TExES, you must have a masters degree and have completed or be in the last semester of your certification program. The steps to registering for and being successful on the TExES are:

  1. Advisor submits approval to university certification office to permit applicant to move forward with the application process.
  2. Principal certification only and superintendent certification applicants submit the test authorization form to the certification office by emailing it to Tracy McNutt at tmcnutt@wtamu.edu or Gilbert Antunez at gantunez@wtamu.edu. This process is taken care of for M.Ed. + principal certification applicants by the program advisors in combination with the successful passage of the master’s comprehensive examination.
  3. University certification office uploads test approval in the SBEC system that will allow you to register for the TExES.
  4. Review the information on the TExES Registration webpage.
  5. Create a TExES account and obtain a TEA ID number in accordance with the Quick Start New User instructions.
  6. Register for the appropriate TExES exam on the appropriate date in accordance with the test registration instructions.
  7. Inform your program advisor and either Tracy McNutt or Gilbert Antunez once you receive official notification your TExES exam results.

Applying for the Standard Certificate

Once you have passed your TExES examination, then you must add it to your Texas licensure. Contact Tracy McNutt at tmcnutt@wtamu.edu or Gilbert Antunez at gantunez@wtamu.edu in the WTAMU certification office for assistance in this process.

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Probationary Certification

WTAMU will need the statement of eligibility form completed and a copy of your employment contract (for the administrative position within which you are about to assume).  This form gathers the required SBEC information required for the recommendation of individuals applying for a probationary professional/teaching certificate. 

Where the form calls for mentor “teacher,” please consider the term as mentor “administrator”.  When you apply for your probationary certificate, please choose the “University Based Post-Bacc” option from the menu (this option hosts the professional certificates).

 After you get this form completed, please fax it with a copy of your contract and a copy of this email to the Office of Alternative Certification at 806-651-3626.  Next, you will need to go online to SBEC to apply for your probationary certificate.  Always feel free to follow up with the Office of Alternative Certification on your application status.

To apply for Texas Probationary Certification for a Professional Program, access the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) website: www.sbec.state.tx.us.  Please apply after you have submitted the required paperwork list above.

Steps in Applying for Texas Probationary Certification

  1. Select “Apply for My Certification”
  2. Log on to your Account
  3. Choose “Applications” then “Probationary Certificate Texas Program”
  4. Follow the instructions to apply for your probationary certificate through WTAMU’s  ‘Univ Post-Bacc option
  5. Submit the appropriate fee to SBEC
  6. Email us/call Tracy McNutt at tmcnutt@wtamu.edu or Gilbert Antunez at gantunez@wtamu.edu to verify that you have applied.  They will need your TEA ID (preferred) or SSN (by phone only) to look you up in the database to recommend it to be processed
  7. Please note that your contract and the eligibility form are both needed to process the request.  On the fax, please note when you expect to finish your program