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Educational Leadership - Enrolling in Classes

Educational Leadership Program

Enrolling in Classes

Admission Requirements

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While your adviser is always willing to assist you, enrolling in the appropriate classes is ultimately your responsibility. Use the Annual Course Rotation table for long-term planning purposes, and use the Suggested Course Sequencing guide to structure your approach to coursework. Although these guides are provided to assist you in planning, please understand that the information on them is contingent upon funding and enrollment. Course listings in Buff Advisor will always supersede anything listed in the Annual Course Rotation table and the the Suggested Course Sequencing guide.

You will register for classes through Buff Advisor once you have been green lighted by your adviser. For classes that require special enrollment permissions, you will have to contact your adviser via email for assistance. Always include your Buff ID number on any correspondence with your adviser. (See the most current academic catalog for courses requiring special enrollment permissions).

Recommendations and Advice Regarding Enrollment

  1. The Educational Leadership advisers encourage all beginning M.Ed. candidates to complete the EDPD core courses (6303 and 6304) as early in your program as possible as these courses are outside of the EDLD program and your advisers have no control over when and how often they are offered. Some EDLD courses should be taken early in your program, whereas others logically fit at the end of your program. Refer to the Suggested Course Sequencing document for guidance on sequencing your course work as you structure your program.

  2. While the choice is ultimately yours to make, the Educational Leadership advisers caution against taking more than 6 hours per semester, especially if you are working full time.

  3. If you are a recipient of financial aid, you must maintain a minimum course load of 6 hours per long semester and/or 3 hours per summer semester.


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