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Education Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Program3

Curriculum and Instruction-Reading, M.Ed.

The West Texas A&M University Curriculum & Instruction Program with an emphasis in Reading Education prepares confident, skilled, and reflective literacy leader.  Reading Education candidates can expect the following:

  • High Quality Curriculum

        The candidates will develop in-depth knowledge of research,                       theories and models 

  • Convenience & Flexibility

        100% online degree program

  • Positive Impact on teaching pedagogy

        The program allows the candidates to know appropriate classroom practices, authentic assessment pertinent to reading and             writing and instructional strategies to meet the needs of diverse student populations 

  • Career marketability

        The program will open the doors to wider job opportunities such as instructional coaching, curriculum specialist, literacy coach,         etc.

  • Ability to Deal With New Technologies

        The candidates will be able to integrate appropriate technologies in classroom instruction and online instruction 

  • Additional Opportunity ​

        Earn a Texas Reading Specialist (EC-12) certification