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Dustin Hahn Bio
 Dustin Hahn

Dustin Hahn, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication

Office: Sybil B. Harrington Fine Arts Complex, Room 166
Email: dhahn@wtamu.edu
Phone: 806-651-2797
Home Page: http://www.dustinandrewhahn.com/

Professional Profile

Dr. Hahn joined the Department of Communication in January 2014. He received his B.A. in Electronic Media Production from Harding University in 2009. After starting his own media production company shooting video and photography for small businesses, commercials, PSAs, weddings, family events, and more, he went on to pursue his Ph.D. in Mass Communication from Texas Tech University. He completed his M.A. in Mass Communication in 2012 with his thesis titled, “More Than Just a Pretty Face? Examining the Influence of Attractiveness and Reporter/Athlete Congruity on Perceived Credibility.” He completed his Ph.D. in Mass Communication from Texas Tech University in 2014 with his dissertation titled, “Exemplification Effects in Sport Media: Examining the Impact of Fanship, Exemplar Type, and Time.”

Teaching and Related Service


Dr. Hahn has taught courses in mass communication, electronic media, journalism, and advertising. He has taught evening courses, courses from a distance, long semester, three-week courses, six-week summer courses, and more. Dr. Hahn has taught at Abilene Christian University, Lubbock Christian University, and Texas Tech University prior to joining the faculty at West Texas A&M University.
Professor Hahn is a member of AEJMC, BEA, and NBS. He is a student advisor and works primarily with broadcasting and electronic media students during sports reporting, video production, News One, and more.

Research and Creative Activity


Dr. Hahn has published multiple journal articles as author or co-author. He has also presented his research at national and regional conferences on many issues. Dr. Hahn primarily works within quantitative research methods to investigate his hypotheses.
His research interests revolve around the continued investigation of source credibility and enjoyment of mediated content. He is interested in what factors impact message recipients’ perceptions of sources in television news and sports broadcasts. Dr. Hahn is also currently exploring the role of statistics and numbers in sports broadcasts in anticipation of gaining understanding as to how this information impacts media enjoyment for varying viewers. He continues to be the forerunner of this type of research in sports media. Specifically, he researches and develops exemplification theory, source credibility, impacts of the perceptions of gender and attractiveness in sports, quantitative or base rate information, worship media, and sports media enjoyment.


Here are his recent publications or works in progress:

Hahn, D., & Cummins, R. (Dissertation in Progress). Examining the impact of fan motivation on exemplification effects within sports media. Journal, 2014.

Hahn, D., Cummins, R., & VanDyke, M. (In Preparation for Journal Submission). More of a numbers game than ever? A longitudinal examination of the change in frequency, type, and presentation form of statistics used in NFL broadcasts. Journal, 2014.

Hahn, D., & Cummins, R. (In Press). More than just a pretty face? Examining the influence of attractiveness and reporter/athlete congruity on perceived credibility. International Journal of Sport Communication, 2014.


Personal Sketch

Dr. Hahn has been married to his best friend, Tessa, since July 2009. They have one son, Abel, who was born in September 2010. Mr. Hahn was born and raised in Illinois but moved to Texas shortly after marrying Tessa. The Hahns love to be involved with their church and the community.

In his spare time, Dr. Hahn enjoys training for endurance events such as Ironman triathlons, running events and bike rides. He continues to hone his craft in media production by consulting with and helping produce various projects for clients.