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We are looking for a person or persons who are interested in getting some work experience within the Canyon Municipal Court.  This will be anywhere from 10-15 hours a week.  We would like for this to continue over the summer as well.  There is no weekends or after 5 work so they have time for their studies. 
They will assist defendants coming to the court, jury trials, pre-trial dockets and corresponding with defendants.
When you get back from Spring break please give me a call at your convenience. 
Sheila Seymore Roach
Canyon Municipal Court
301 16th Street
Canyon TX 79015


Capstone Internship Course in Criminal Justice


All criminal justice majors are required to take a capstone internship course prior to completing a degree.  To qualify for the capstone internship, the student must have completed 90 hours of undergraduate work.  The student must attend the internship meeting held in the semester prior to the internship.  The Internship Coordinator will announce the internship meeting, date, time, and location about two to three weeks in advance.  All criminal justice students will be notified by WTAMU (your buff email address) about this meeting.  In addition, flyers will be posted on all four floor doors in Old Main.  All criminal justice faculties will also announce the internship meeting in their classes.


Students attending this meeting will be given an intern data sheet to complete.  The Internship Coordinator will go over the internship locations, the course syllabi, and the course requirements.  Students will then list their first, second, and third choices.  The Coordinator will contact the Agency Coordinator to arrange the internship interview. If successful, the agency coordinator will give the intern a start date.  Prior to the student’s interview at their agency; the student must complete a letter of application and have a current resume.  Both of these items must be sent to the Internship Coordinator for approval prior to sending them to the intern’s agency.


The Internship Coordinator will enroll the students into the capstone internship course.  Prior to starting the internship; the student will complete a waiver form which must be notarized. A copy must be given to the Internship Coordinator and the agency coordinator.  The student will also complete an agency log.  The student will list those hours he/she has completed at the agency.  At the end of the internship (240 clock hours); the student will have the agency coordinator sign the agency log.  The student will then complete a 12- 15 page double spaced personal reflection paper.  The student will then contact the Internship Coordinator to arrange for an exit interview, to turn in his/her daily written logs, agency time log, and personal reflection paper.


**During the internship, the student will be notified by the Internship Coordinator, that he/she will be taking a comprehensive national exam on their knowledge of the criminal justice system.  This exam is a multiple choice test created by the Educational Testing System. The exam will be given at WTAMU HELC center.   Online students, or students who cannot come to WTAMU, will receive specific instructions on how to access this test site from a test proctor at WTAMU. ****


The intern student will be required to read and sign an ethics statement regarding their performance at the intern agency.  Students who fail the internship, or who violate this ethical statement will not pass the internship.  Students who fail  the internship will NOT receive a degree in criminal justice from WTAMU.


The final grade for the capstone internship will include:

Agency grade = 60%

Personal reflection paper = 30%

Comprehensive exam = 10%


Any questions concerning the internship or capstone portion of the class should be directed to the Internship Coordinator.