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Essential Business Skills

Essential Business Skills

There is a core skill set, regardless of technical skill or knowledge, that when present makes one professional more valuable to an organization than another. 

The training programs organized under the Essential Business Skills umbrella teach this core skill set and in doing so make professionals more valuable and their organizations more competitive in the marketplace.  The core skills are those that are needed in every industry and at every level of an organization with the greater need for these skills becoming more obvious as someone assumes greater & greater responsibility in an organization.

Core skills are catalysts to an organizations growth & success; valuable on their own but when used in a group of similarly equipped professionals they become the 'X-factor', the 'Secret sauce' the 'IT' quality of an organization that customers and top tier employees are drawn to and long to be a part of. 


Distinguishing features

Essential Business Skills courses have a variety of distinguishing characteristics that add value to our programs that few, if any, other professional development programs can offer as a combined package.

Coordination with employers: We work with employers before courses begin to ensure that they know what their employees will be learning in each class and how to support that learning in the workplace to see greater results.  Employers know what behaviors to watch for so they can see the training working.

Confidential but accountable: Once class starts whatever participants share in class about their situations or challenges is confidential and we work hard to create an atmosphere where people can be honest about their challenges.  At the same time, the structured elements of the class provide an opportunity for us to monitor participation (but not content) in activities, assignments, assessments & attendance, which we can share with employers at the end of the course if desired.

Relational engagement:  Participants are placed on teams representing 6-8 employers that they remain with for the duration of the course.  Through group discussions and activities the diversity of perspectives & experiences on the team will open doors to new problem solving approaches as well as to lasting connections in the community.

Multiple instructors, one curriculum:  The six-month course is comprised of three two-month sections, each two-month section taught by a different highly qualified business professional with years of experience in both the core subject matter and in training / presentation.  We use multiple instructors so each one gets to teach on their area of expertise and can bring in relevant real-world lessons from their experience.   However because the curriculum is set in advance by WT they all teach to the learning objectives we set to maintain continuity among the lessons and a consistent body of knowledge learned by the programs end.


Systematic approach

Our systematic approach to core skill development that moves people from theory to practice and from general knowledge to business-specific application.  All Essential Business Skills courses use the 3-2-1 instruction system to provide consistency in the learning experience regardless of the topic. 

Essential Business Skills courses, using the 3-2-1- system gives employers a consistent & easy-to-use method to add specific skills to targeted parts of their organization based on the topical focus of the courses they choose to send their people to.  

The 3-2-1 instruction systemTM consists of :

3 distinct learning objectives per session

2 activities per session that frame the objectives in the learners workplace context

1 at-work activity where the learner applies the new knowledge to their work








Research driven

The programs' topics & presentation methods reflects the professional development preferences of a wide variety of employers, business owners & individual professionals gathered in an ongoing survey administered by WTAMU.  In addition to making sure we are teaching the subjects Amarillo professions feel they need development in, we used the data provided by the Amarillo area business community to craft an atmosphere that is optimized to facilitate learning and provide the value-added elements that they care about.  This still-expanding data set allows us customize the design of certain programs to the preferences that individuals most interested in that topic say they like to receive training.


Satisfaction and substitution

If after completing the course you don't feel that the training was worth what you paid we will refund your money. 

If a participant form your organization is unable to attend all the classes you are welcome to send a substitute in their place to attend the classes they have to miss.


Registration and payment

By selecting the course(s) below you will be able to register online and secure your position in class. 

Payments for individuals can be made online by credit card or by check, each individual must register separately for accountability and attendance purposes. 

If you are registering a group you can register each person separately or you can call 806-651-8517 and we will enter the group registration for you.  Payments for groups must be made by check.  To pay by check enter the promo code 'CHECK' in the box during registration and you will be invoiced for the total amount due for your organization.  Payment must be made before the start of class

We are confident that you and/or your staff will be completely satisfied with the quality and outcome of the Essential Business Skills training programs, but if you still have any questions we encourage you to ask them. 806-651-8517 or customizedtraining@wtamu.edu


Classes are capped at 32 people and will fill up quickly.  Make sure to get your seats soon! 


2018 Classes:

January 10 - June 13

Leadership & Management

This highly engaging series examines multiple facets of leadership & management, focusing on how to move your organization forward by quickly applying the skills and lessons learned in class to current workplace situations.  This course is designed for professionals with some supervisory responsibilities that are preparing to take on a larger team or individuals that have recently taken on a supervisory role with your company. Participants will be given specific leadership & management tools and techniques to use and will explore the interplay between leadership & management and learn how to identify which skills & techniques to exercise to in a variety of situations and why. 

Our instructors are:

Gary Pool:  Gary is a professional leadership instructor and the owner of iMavens training & consulting, a former senior manager at Pantex and a former VP at a fortune 500 company bringing 35 years of leadership experience. He will be teaching 2 classes on leadership

Candace Norris:  Candace is a practicing attorney, an entrepreneur, a John Maxwell certified coach and a former instructor at WT. She will be teaching 2 classes on management

Ryan Loyd: Ryan is a business owner & consultant focusing on organizational development, a former faculty member at UTPB, the former director of the Business & technology Center at Odessa College and the former executive director of the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. Ryan will be teaching 2 classes on the integration of leadership & management.

The introductory price is $1000 for the six month program ($166 per session).  Group discounts are available.




Dates TBD

Service Driven Sales

Details coming soon





Guarantee & refund policy      ."3-2-1 instruction system" TM, West Texas A&M University 2017