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What do you need to learn to grow to the next level?

Companies train for a variety of specific reasons but the end goal is usually to increase performance or manage a difficult transition that will enable the company to grow.  We start with that perspective in mind; growth is the goal, educating the staff is part of the process to achieve that goal.  We don't teach just to pass on information, we teach to develop skills and knowledge that your staff can use to solve problems and overcome obstacles. 


D.I.Y. is great for the workshop, but not the workplace.

Some companies with subject matter experts in leadership positions think that they can clone their way to success; it rarely works.  Attempting to transform your staff into clones of your experts may seem like an easy in-house solution but in practical application it fails because:  1.  Subject matter experts are rarely also experts in training and often can't explain why they are good at what they are good at.   2. Cloning doesn't allow for personality & learning style differences  3.  Cloning stifles creativity and the benefit you get from having staff with a diversity of perspectives & experiences.


How do I know it works?

Our training solutions start with an analysis of your current training process, the business processes training supports and the business goals you plan to achieve.  If there are shortfalls or disconnects between what you are training and the knowledge/skills you will need to reach your goals we identify the disconnects, quantify them, and put together a plan to get your goals, processes & outcomes aligned.  We will show you up front how to measure the effectiveness of training so you can monitor and participate in the process.


We look forward to talking with you about addressing your specific training needs.
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