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Leadership & Management Course Information:



Below is a portion of the learning objectives, in-class activities & at-work activities covered in the Leadership & Management series.  We are glad to share the entire curriculum with those interested, please email customizedtraining@wtamu.edu for your copy.

Keep in mind that the though the topics of discussion are not overly complex, it is the application of the principals & techniques taught that transform organizations; our courses focus on equipping participants with a structured process to act within and apply the lessons learned in class to the workplace and own that knowledge.


Section 1:  Leadership


Class Session 1:  Leadership types, characteristics & impact on an organization:

Learning Objectives:

1. Define Leadership & list 10 characteristics of leadership that they wants to develop in themselves.

2. Understand & be able to explain the different leadership types as well as which are more effective and why. 

3. Understand & be able to explain the reasons for the superior performance of organizations with strong leadership throughout the management structure.


In Class Activities:

1.  Identify 5 people you think of as leaders at your workplace and what leadership characteristics they exhibit.  Also identify which of those characteristics overlap with the list of 10 you want to develop.

2. Consider if there are any areas in your organization that where you think a different leadership approach would result in better employee morale and/or performance. Limit this to work areas that impact your work. 

Without griping or blaming write down what you would change about the leadership approach being used and what  improvement you think could be gained, and why.


At Work Activities:

1. Set meetings with 2 of the 5 leaders you identified earlier and ask them what you could do differently to have a greater impact as a leader in your organization.   (We recommend you not set these meetings with your existing friends.)


Company Benefits (partial list):

  • Identifying multiple characteristics of leadership & understanding that leadership characteristics can be developed intentionally is a vital step in growing and empowering people to take on leadership roles successfully.
  • These activities help identify high performers and those that already have the respect of their peers; these people are good candidates for further development and investment into to take on senior roles as they progress through the company.
  • Being identified & acknowledged as a leader in an organization empowers those individuals and makes them take their role/influence more seriously. 
  • Intentional leaders help develop a culture of mentorship & empower more individuals to make a difference on their teams, which leads to an ownership culture where members of a group look to their own team to solve problems before looking outward.
  • These activities help identify potentially large problems (or perceived problems) while they are small so they can be addressed and resolved quickly.


Class Session 2:  The process of learning leadership.



Section 2:  Management


Class Session 3:  Structural / Organizational Management, theory & application



Class Session 4: Interpersonal Management; theory & application



Section 3:  Integrated Leadership & Management:


Class Session 5:  Compare / Contrast / Combine Leadership & Management - When to  use which techniques



Class Session 6:  Identifying and dealing with problematic workplace behaviors