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Composition Program

Department of Music

Bachelor of Music (B.M.) Degree

Major in Composition (Major Code: 216)

University Core Curriculum Requirements

Refer to the “University Core Curriculum” section of the catalog.

NOTE: Music majors cannot receive core credit for MUSI 1306.
MUSI 1208 and 1209 satisfies “Visual and Performing Arts” in the core curriculum.

Music Core Requirements

  • MUSI 1372, 1208, 1373, 1209, 2372, 2373, 3105, 3347, 3349.
  • MUAP 10XX (two credit hours for each of four semesters) in performance medium.
  • MUAP 30XX (two credit hours for each of two semesters) in performance medium.
  • MUAP 1087 (two credit hours for each of four semesters) in composition.
  • MUAP 3087 (two credit hours for each of two semesters) in composition.
  • Six one-hour enrollments in piano with a grade of “C” or higher from MUSI 1180, 2180, MUAP 1069, 3069.
  • 14 semester hours from MUSI 3256, 3263, 3264, 3265, 3266, 3267, 3268, 3269, 3270.
  • MUSI 3207 or 3209, 3343.
  • Two semester hours from MUSI 4211, 4212, 4213, 4252.
  • Six semester hours of major ensemble.

Other Requirements

  • A minimum of eight semesters of major ensemble (two credit hours each long-term semester).
  • Recital, concert, weekly seminar and departmental meeting attendance.
  • Satisfactory senior recital performance before graduation.
  • Four additional hours other than MUSI, MUEN or MUAP.

Studio Information

  • Prospective composition majors must submit a portfolio consisting of 3-5 representative works (scores and recordings) to be considered for admittance into the studio.
  • The prerequisite course for studio lessons is MUAP 1373 or equivalent.
  • See the studio page for more information.