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College of Business MBA Course Descriptions

MBA Core Course Descriptions

ACCT 6305.  Accounting for Decision Making. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: ACCT 6300 or 12 hours upper-division courses in accounting and/or business administration.  Preparation and use of budget with respect to measuring performance of the firm; responsibility accounting; relevant costs; cost-volume-profit relationships; contribution approach to cost allocation. Students should not take this course if they have had ACCT 4372, 5372 or equivalent.

ACCT 6306. Seminar in Accounting Theory. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: 18 hours of accounting. Financial accounting theory; current pronouncements and theory; assigned readings of selected literature; oral and written reports.

BUSI 6105.  M.B.A. Portfolio. (1 0 0) Prerequisite: completion of 30 semester hours of M.B.A. course work (excluding foundation courses).  The M.B.A. portfolio provides evidence of personal accomplishment and a tangible demonstration of skills and learning outcomes established for the M.B.A. program.  Students need to assemble a portfolio of a personal résumé and at least seven projects which demonstrate competencies in the program learning outcomes.

CIDM 6305.  Quantitative Analysis in Business. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: CIDM 6300 or equivalent.  Application of quantitative techniques to business, including statistics, linear programming and simulation.  Techniques in decision making and their relation to information systems.

CIDM 6310.  Information Technology Management. (3 3 0) Examination of managerial and strategic issues associates with using IT in networked enterprise, and the role of information technology to manage organizational efficiency and transformation efforts in global competitive environment.  Topics include IT and business strategy alignment, IT-enabled business models, IT security and legal issues.

CIDM 6320.  Econometrics. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: CIDM 6305 or equivalent.  Introduction to econometric analysis. Application of econometric analysis techniques to problems in agriculture and business.  Includes multivariate distributions, maximum likelihood, simultaneous equations systems, nonlinear regression and nonlinear optimization.

CIDM 6350.  Data and Information Management. (3 3 0)  Issues and principles of managing organizational data. Concepts of database systems emphasizing data storage, queries, database models and languages related to database design and implementation techniques. Comprehensive presentation of database and administrative issues and concepts in the new business enterprise.

ECON 6305.  Seminar in Advanced Microeconomic Theory. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: 12 semester hours of upper-division economics and/or business administration.  Selected topics concerning market and industrial organization, prices and market performances.

ECON 6306.  Seminar in Advanced Macroeconomic Theory. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: 12 semester hours of upper-division economics and/or business administration.  Topics relate to macroeconomic theory, monetary theory and policy, and problems of economic stabilization policy.

ECON 6341Seminar in International Economics and Economic Development.  (3 3 0) Selected topics relating to theories, problems, and trends in the international economy and in economic development.

FIN 6320Seminar in Finance. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: FIN 6300 or equivalent and ACCT 6305.  Case Problems that deal with financing current operations, financing long-run needs and dividend policies.  Cost of capital, valuation, mergers and risk.

FIN 6323.  Multinational Finance. (3 3 0)  Corporate finance applied to the problems of multinational financial management. Major topics include private and public institutions, foreign exchange rates, capital flows, speculation, analysis of alternative foreign investments, analysis of sources and uses of corporate funds abroad, multinational tax and profit planning, international risk analysis, and capital budgeting.

FIN 6370.  Financial Management of Health Care. (3 3 0)  Prerequisite: FIN 6300 or consent of instructor.  Analysis of financial strategies for health-care organizations.  Topics include financial environment of health-care institutions, financial statement analysis, project management, resource allocation, profitability valuation, cash flow analysis, and performance evaluation.

MGT 6318.  Strategic Management. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: Completion of 18 hours of graduate business courses or consent of instructor.  Discussion of general management cases concerning analysis, appraisal, formulation, implementation, direction, and control of corporate policy and strategy.

MGT 6330.  Seminar in International Management. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: 6300 or equivalent.  Study and application of principles of management to international fields of business organization and cross-cultural operation.  The degree of universality of management functions to all phases of business and development. 

MGT 6331. International Human Resource Management. (3 3 0).  This course introduces the human resources practitioner and international line manager to the legal, practical, and successful human resources strategies used by international companies. Topics include employment and staffing; compensation; labor laws; leadership; employment-related taxation; global talent management; supervisory practices among international corporations; immigration; joint ventures; permanent resident and temporary work visa status; strategies for the globalization; and expatriate and repatriation policies and practices.

MGT 6334.  Seminar in Organizational Behavior. (3 3 0)  In depth explanation of individual and group behavior in organizations. Attitudes and perception, satisfaction, motivation, leadership, conflict, stress and organization, change and development.

MGT 6338. Cultural Intelligence. (3 3 0) Focus on concepts and applications related to the development and use of cultural intelligence in interactions between people in international and multicultural work environments. Strategies for identifying and adopting effective cross-cultural management practices will be explored.

MGT 6345. Seminar in Leadership. (3 3 0) Study and application of concepts and theories related to leadership. Focus on the development of leadership skills and competencies in order to enhance the effectiveness of work teams and organizations.

MGT 6390.  Project Management for the Enterprsie. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: CIDM 6300 or equivalent.  Theoretical foundation, practical applications and information technology tools in support of project planning, budgeting, scheduling, cost analysis, resource leveling and control, and human resource management.  Applications of Critical Path Method, and Program Evaluation and Review Technique also are emphasized. 

MKT 6319.  Seminar in International Business and Marketing Strategy. (3 3 0)  Prerequisite: MKT 6300, MGT 6300, FIN 6300, or proficiency in these courses in an undergraduate program.  International business in foreign environments, integration and coordination of international business operations and strategies and all other activities across national borders, as well as the role/ problems of multi-national enterprises, political, social and economic constraints of foreign direct investment, and
global operations/strategies. 

MKT 6340.  Seminar in Marketing. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: MKT 6300 or equivalent.  Business activities involved in moving goods from production to consumption; marketing functions and problems.  Developing a philosophy of the role of marketing in the American economy.

MKT 6348.  Seminar in Marketing Strategy. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: Completion of 18 hours of graduate business courses or constent of instructor.  Course focus is to develop a unique set of marketing tools and unique competencies for a firm that, through strategic differentiation, leads to a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Topic areas include case studies of best practices, internal/external analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, market/submarket analysis, and comparative strategy assessment.
MKT 6352.  Seminar in Evolutionary Marketing. (3 3 0) Prerequisite: MKT 6300 or equivalent.  Examination of marketing methods in the 21st century, including e-commerce, m-commerce, web applications, customer-generated content, blogs, search and social networking.  Attention to digital lifestyle, consumer behavior issues, web advertising, security, branding and strategy.