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College of Business Facilities and Resources


The College of Business is primarily housed in the Classroom Center.  The Classroom Center was renovated in 2009.  The following  individuals, foundations and corporations have named classroom or support spaces in the College of Business or the Classroom Center:

  • Happy State Bank Classroom – Classroom Center Room 201
  • First United Bank Classroom – Classroom Center Room 205
  • Schaeffer Family Business Trading Room – Classroom Center Room 206
  • Citizens Bank Open Access Computer Laboratory – Classroom Center 207
  • Joachim Business Innovation Room – Classroom Center Room 209
  • Boulware Entrepreneurship Room - Classroom Center Room 212
  • Arthur J. Glover Accounting Classroom – Classroom Center Room 217
  • Ray Bain Media Room - Classroom Center Room 218
  • Stan and Greta Liles Business Classroom – Classroom Center Room 219
  • FirstBank Southwest Classroom – Classroom Center Room 221
  • Drs. Neil and Anne Terry Classroom – Classroom Center Room 224
  • Amarillo National Bank Classroom – Classroom Center Room 225
  • David and Myrt Wilder Graduate Business Classroom – Classroom Center Room 226
  • Bank of America Classroom – Classroom Center 227
  • Dr. J. Patrick and Karen O’Brien Classroom – Classroom Center Room 312
  • Dr. LaVelle Mills Classroom - Classroom Center Room 335

Student Resources for Business Core

Writing Style
The College of Business faculty members have selected APA as the primary writing and citation style for student research papers.  Citation basics for APA can be found at the Cornette Library website.
Accounting Review
                Managerial Accounting
Warren, Reeve, and Duchac Companion Site (chapters 1-12)
Tutorial Quiz
ACCT 2301
(10 questions per chapter)
Financial Accounting
Warrne, Reeve, and Duchac Companion Site (chapters 13-26)
Tutorial Quiz
ACCT 2302
(10 questions per chapter)
Economics Review
Mankiw Companion Website
Tutorial Quiz
ECON 2301
Mankiw Companion Website
Tutorial Quiz
ECON 2302
(10 questions per chapter)
Finance Review
Brigham and Houston
Download Cyberproblems and review contents for each chapter.
International Business Review
Czinkota, Ronkainen, and Moffett Companion Website
Interactive Quizzes
BUSI 3319
(10 questions per chapter. Results e-mailed.)
Marketing Review
Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel Companion Site
MKT 3340
(10 questions per chapter)
Management and Business Law Review
Strategic Management
Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson Companion Site
(20-30 questions per chapter)
Operations Management Student Edition website
Chase, Jacobs and Aquilano
(10-15 questions per chapter)
Organizational Behavior
Nelson and Quick Companion Site
MGT 3335
(10-13 questions per chapter)
Business Law
Miller, Cross, and Jentz Companion Site
BUSI 3312
(10 questions per chapter)