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Curriculum and Instruction-Reading, M.Ed.

Field experiences, clinical teaching, practicums, and internships required for Texas Certification must be completed in a school accredited by the Texas Education Agency and approved by WTAMU. A non-certification option that does not require field experiences, clinical teaching, practicums, and internships in Texas is available for students whose residency is outside the state of Texas.

Curriculum and Instruction-Reading (36 hours)

Admission Requirements

An applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Meet University Graduate School admission requirements;
  • Have a 3.0 undergraduate grade point average;
  • Hold a valid teaching certificate;
  • Submit 2 letters of recommendation, resume, and transcripts;
  • Submit a personal letter with biographical information and a discussion of career goals; and
  • Submit a writing sample of a conceptual paper from any course taken or a philosophy of education paper (1-2 pages single-spaced).

Required Reading Courses (21 hours):

  • EDRD 6332 Reading in the Content Area 3
  • EDRD 6340 Foundations of Reading 3
  • EDRD 6341 Diagnosis and Remediation 3
  • EDRD 6344 Multicultural Child and Adolescent Literature 3
  • EDRD 6345 Emergent Literacy in Family and Cultural Context 3
  • EDRD 6346 Language and Literacy in the Classroom 3
  • EDRD 6348 Organization and Administration of Reading Program 3

Required Education Graduate Core Courses (9 hours):

  • EDPD 6303 Education Research 3
  • Three hours from:
    • EDPD 6304 Multicultural Education 3
    • EDPD 6385 International Studies 3
    • COUN 6330 Cross-cultural Counseling 3
  • Three hours from:
    • EDPD 6308 Service Learning 3
    • EDLD 6311 Educational Leadership and Group Dynamics 3
    • EDPD 6329 Human Development 3

Electives (6 hours)

  • Six hours of graduate level elective courses approved by an adviser are required.

Comprehensive Examination

In addition, graduate reading students are required to pass a comprehensive examination during or after their last semester of taking courses.

Reading Specialist Certification

Students graduate with a M.Ed. degree upon completion of all degree requirements; however, a state test is required for reading specialist certification.