West Texas A&M University

Approved Faculty Senate Minutes

December 2, 2005


I. Call to Order: President Pam Lockwood called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m. Members present were Syed Tariq Anwar , Joel Babitzke, Rob Brammer, Sharon Burnett , Charles Chase, Mo Cuevas, Jill Hayes, Harry Hueston , Mary Jarvis, Cloyce Kuhnert, Frank Landrum, Pam Lockwood, Jessica Mallard, Ian Peddie and Neil Terry.


II . Approved the minutes from the November 4, 2005 meetings.


IIII . Guest Speaker – Dr. Russell Long :

Dr. Long and Mr. Randy Rikel presented plans for a pedestrian mall in the middle of campus. The walkway will replace part of the parking and roads on campus - primarily the roads and parking in front of Old Main and between the JBK and Kilgore Center . The mall will include a sculpture 9' high and 12' long of a buffalo and calf. Other possible items include a clock tower and a water feature. The mall will be relatively inexpensive and should be timed to coincide with the completion of the Fine Arts Center. The primary purposes behind the mall are to have a ‘center' for the campus and to insure the safety of pedestrians in high-traffic areas. Any needed features should be anticipated as far ahead as possible. Faculty questions primarily revolved around the loss of parking and the possibility of needing wind breaks. Overall the reaction was positive particularly with the possibility of more parking behind the Alumni Association building.


IV. Old Business: (All comments by President Lockwood unless noted otherwise.)

A. Academic Dishonesty & Representing the University – The situation discussed in the last Faculty Senate meeting (see 11/4/05 minutes) is tabled until next semester.

B. Presidential Search – The last presidential candidate is scheduled to arrive Sunday night the 4th and stay through the day on Monday. On Tuesday at 8 am the search committee is to meet and narrow the list of candidates. Chancellor McTeer has asked for three names.


V. New Business :

A rough draft of a resolution concerning the faculty's appreciation for Dr. Long was presented. Some changes were agreed upon. The final resolution is included in Appendix A. (The final wording was approved (per e-mail) by 9 out of 17 members.)


Faculty Senate adjourned at 1:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Burnett

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Appendix A -


Subject: Adoption of Resolution to Express Appreciation to Dr. Russell C. Long


WHEREAS , Dr. Russell C. Long has been the president of West Texas A&M University since August of 1994, and


WHEREAS , Dr. Long has overseen numerous physical additions to the campus including renovation of residence halls, the library, dining hall and Alumni Banquet Facility, the privatization of McCaslin Hall, the leasing of University land for the city's first franchise hotel, and construction of the Bivins Nursing Learning Center, the First United Bank Event Center and the soon to be completed Fine Arts Complex, and


WHEREAS , Dr. Long has spearheaded the increase in WTAMU's endowment from $7 million to over $30 million, with recent increases of over $1 million each year, and


WHEREAS , during Dr. Long's tenure WTAMU added its first doctoral program, a Ph.D. in agriculture, along with new programs in dryland agriculture, equine industries, environmental science, integrated pest management, emergency management systems, athletic training, biotechnology, mechanical engineering and communication disorders, combined with offering the most distance learning courses of any university in the state and starting an Honors program, and


WHEREAS , externally funded research at WTAMU has increased from no more than $1 million each year from 1910 to 1990 to $14.2 million in the 2005 calendar year alone, and


WHEREAS , the University currently has the following nationally recognized programs, most of which came to prominence during Dr. Long's tenure – Performing Arts, Animal Nutrition, Horse Judging, Equestrian, Rodeo, Broadcasting, Forensics, and Students in Free Enterprise and


WHEREAS , Dr. Long has drafted a plan for WTAMU, the Centennial Vision, to deliver the premier undergraduate educational experience in the five-state region, exceptional master's programs that respond to the professional leadership needs of the region, and doctoral programs that merit national recognition; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED , that we, the Faculty Senate of WTAMU, do hereby proclaim our great sense of appreciation for the improvements and both state and national recognition Dr. Long has brought to the University and be it further


RESOLVED , that this Resolution be given to Dr. Russell C. Long with a copy kept in the minutes of the Faculty Senate of WTAMU.


SIGNED HEREBY , on this 7th of December, 2005 by



Pamela Lockwood-Cooke

President, Faculty Senate

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