West Texas A&M University

Faculty Senate Minutes

December 1, 2006



I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:15.

Members present were Bill Ambrose, Syed Anwar, Sandy Babitzke, Chuck Chase, Gerald Chen, Mo Cuevas, Robert Hansen, Harry Hueston, Frank Landram, Joshua Lewer, Jessica Mallard , Carolyn Ottoson (for Mary Jarvis), Bonnie Pendleton, Keith Price, Helen Reyes (and Helen Reyes for Jeanette Embrey), Mark Riney , Duane Rosa, and Nagalapura Viswanath.


II. Replacement for Ian Peddie

Ian Peddie has resigned his position with the Department of English. The Faculty Senate will need to begin the process to elect a replacement for him.


III. Ad Hoc Committee packet of Strategic Plan input

Mark Riney's committee did an excellent job of compiling the variety of responses they received into a coherent document. Mo Cuevas, Robert Hansen, and Mary Jarvis were members of that committee. Thanks were extended from President Chase for a job well done.


IV. Committee Change response from Dr. Chapman

President Chase shared a memo from Dr. Chapman explaining the reductions that have been made in some recent committees. His memo indicated that annual reviews of organizational structure are common in organizations and that this process will continue and more changes in committees is likely.


V. University Calendar

President Chase shared the 2007-2008 tentative calendar with the faculty senate.


VI. Promotion/Tenure/Boer Model of Scholarship

President Chase talked about his recent experience in the University P&T meeting and how difficult it can be to make decisions. He shared the Boyer Model of Scholarship which had been referred to by Dr. O'Brien during a town hall meeting. Discussion ensued about the process of tenure and promotion and the importance of the first and third year review of faculty members. There seems to be a lack of consistency in terms of how this is done across campus. It was suggested that a departmental committee of tenured faculty members should review the APS of new faculty members and provide written feedback. This feedback could be done on a form similar to the one that department chairs currently complete.


Harry Hueston volunteered to chair an ad hoc committee to look into this at the beginning of the spring semester. Mo Cuevas, Nagalapura Viswanath, Robert Hansen, Duane Rosa, Frank Landram, Joshua Lewer, Mark Riney, and Syed Anwar volunteered to be members of this committee.


VII. A&M Faculty Senate Resolution

President Chase shared a resolution he had received from the A&M faculty senate that dealt with health care benefits for same-sex domestic partners.


VIII. Honors Program Research Conference

The Honors Program Research Conference will be Monday, 12/4, 2:30-4 pm, in JBK 11, 12, VIP Room. If you are interested in attending, you should RSVP to extension 2734.


IX. Issue of Counting Advisees/Majors: Teacher Education Programs

Education majors do not show up as majors in the content area that they are involved in even though the content area has to advise them on their content hours. Discussion ensued about this issue. President Chase talked about talking to Gary Barnes and perhaps having him talk about this issue with the senate in the spring.

X. Approval of past minutes

The minutes of November 10th were approved.


The next meeting will be 1/26/07 in JBK 11.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Mallard


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