WTAMU Faculty Senate November 16, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 12:15 in Fine Arts Complex 225.

Members present: Harry Heuston, presiding; Bill Ambrose, Syed Anwar, Sandy Babitzke, Gerald Chen, Mo Cuevas, Scott Frish (for Crafton,) Robert Hansen, Mary Jarvis, Gabe Goodwin (for Meyers,) Bonnie Pendleton, Keith Price, Darlene Pulliam, Patrice M. Lain (for Embrey), Duane Rosa, Amy Newman, Mark Riney, Wade Shaffer (for Stuntz,) Nagalapura Visnawath

Resigned: Helen Reyes (position to be replaced by election)

Absent: Frank Landram and Jessica Mallard

I. Dr O’Brien comments:

  1. Reorganization of the IT Division:
    1. Changes motivated by organization structure:
    2. Infrastructure needs to be in IT, including delivery of online classes
    3. Content of online courses, course monitoring and so on needs to be part of Academic Affairs, meaning online offerings will follow same curriculum process as traditional classroom classes.
    4. Class size issues and load calculation relating to distance ed will be governed by same policies as traditional classes.
    5. Financial reserves will be available for software upgrades, etc. Chancellor McKinney is interested in investigating standardizing software systemwide, mostly likely Blackboard.
    6. Reorganization eliminates one layer of management and results in cost savings that will be directed to new faculty positions. Resulting savings would also allow direction of designated tuition funds into construction projects such as new dormitories.
  2. Presented information about US News and World Report ratings and shared sample pages showing rankings of WT peer institutions
    1. Ratings are derived by weighted averages in key areas of measurement.
    2. Key measures for increasing overall ranking are peer assessment, student retention and act scores.
  3. Market adjustments
    1. Three year phased program of $200,000 per year will probably now become 4 years
    2. Year one devoted 75% to staff and classified employees.
    3. Funding for future years is not tied to enrollment growth, but there will be another increase in designated tuition to achieve salary adjustments, increased utility costs and new faculty positions.

II. Karl Kimsey in Career and Counseling Services.

III. MOTION: To approve minutes of November 2 meeting. Moved by Rosa, second by Pulliam.

IV. Discussion of Annual Evaluation/ Tenure Promotion documents.

  1. Dr. O’Brien discussed the semantics of Superior, Outstanding, Satisfactory, Marginally Satisfactory, etc. and the numeric values associated with them. He proposes a differentiation of Superior (3.6-4.0), Outstanding (3.0-3.5), Satisfactory/Outstanding (2.5-2.9), Marginally Satisfactory (2.0-2.5) and so on.
  2. Department committee: some departments may not have enough tenured faculty members to constitute a committee; but it should not be eliminated. Current procedures should be retained.
  3. Clarification of timelines for untenured associate and full professors: must go for tenure in fifth year.
  4. Notification of denials must include reasons why and offer opportunity for appeal.
  5. Recommendations going forward should include justifications for the positive decision.
  6. Use of yes/no vote should be based on each committee member’s ranking.
  7. Clarity of voting procedures at University level is needed.
  8. Per Dr. O’Brien, Faculty handbook committee will be responsible to draft the final language.

Ultimately, the goal will be to have a faculty who are predominantly outstanding and superior. The 10% limitation is gone.

At next meeting, the senate will continue discussion of T/P and professional standards.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Hansen, secretary