West Texas A&M University

Approved Faculty Senate Minutes

November 4, 2005


I. Call to Order: President Pam Lockwood called the meeting to order at 12:20 p.m. Members present were Joel Babitzke, Rob Brammer, Sharon Burnett, Charles Chase, Mo Cuevas, Jill Hayes, Mary Jarvis , Cloyce Kuhnert, Pam Lockwood, Jessica Mallard, Amy Newman, Donna Stringer (substituting for Syed Anwar ) and Neil Terry.


II . Approved the minutes from the October 14, 2005 meetings.


IIII . Committee Reports:

A. Faculty Development & Student Learning – New faculty training is scheduled for November 17th; all speakers are lined up. Two faculty members from each college will present their Annual Professional Summaries and Tenure & Promotion material

B. Budget & Faculty Governance – Committee is meeting after senate meeting today to review and decide on actions concerning salary report that is currently in progress. Voting for Piper Professor ends today, so far voter turnout is at 10/17.

C. Assessment, Advising, Conduct & Curriculum Issues – Committee met and decided on same core reduction as University Curriculum Committee (see IV part A below).


IV. Old Business: (All comments by President Lockwood unless noted otherwise.)

A. Core Curriculum Changes effective Fall 2006 – Four hours have been removed from the Core and the computer competency test removed to meet the maximum of 42 hours set by the state. Details in Appendix A.

B. University Realignment - Version distributed at the last meeting was final. Details in Appendix B.

C. 120 -hour rule – The Legislature recently passed a law that all degrees must have no more than 120 hours without a justification. The Coordinating Board wants all public universities to make their degree programs similar in hours. The Provost's from each university are meeting to compare degrees. This comparison might cause some changes.

D. Presidential Search – Airport interviews will be done with 8 candidates, the Search Committee, Wendy Graham, and Chancellor McTeer. On-campus interviews will then be done and the top 5 submitted to the Board of Regents.


V. New Business:

A. Center for Faculty Development. – Five suggestions have been received from faculty since the last senate meeting. These suggestions and the ones suggested at the last meeting will be forward to Dr. Lowery-Hart after waiting a few more days for suggestions.

B. Academic Dishonesty & Representing the University – The student group picture on the cover of the catalog and Spring 2006 schedule includes an individual who had been disciplined for academic dishonesty before the picture was taken. See Appendix C for a summary of the discussion concerning this event.


Faculty Senate adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Burnett

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Appendix A - Core Curriculum Changes


Areas 40 and 41 have been combined removing 3 hours from the core; the SES activity course will no longer be required removing 1 hour from the core; finally the demonstrated computer competency has been eliminated (computer competency should be handled in the major).


Area 40 used to be satisfied by ENGL 2332 or 2333

Area 41 was ENGL 2371, PHIL 1301, HIST 2372, or SPAN 2312


Area 41 was dropped and now any one of the above courses satisfies the requirement for Area 40.


Next year the curriculum will be reviewed in terms of flexibility. Each department is to recommend courses that can be added to core areas to give students more choices.

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Appendix B – University Realignment

 The Computer Science (CS) degree is moving to the Engineering department. Two of the Computer Information Systems (CIS) faculty members will move to engineering. CIS is developing a new degree program name for many of the courses currently in the CS degree. This change plus the removal of the computer competency requirement will not cause any full-time faculty job loss – the change will be handled by not hiring as many adjunct faculty. For full-time faculty the worse-case scenario is that some might have four preps.

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Appendix C – Academic Dishonesty and Representing the University

As mentioned above, the student group picture on the cover of the catalog and Spring 2006 schedule includes an individual who had been disciplined for academic dishonesty before the picture was taken. A faculty member brought this to the attention of President Lockwood and wondered how it could have happened. She found that this student was also on work-study and that is how the student ended up in the picture.


Another senator then mentioned a situation where a student was disciplined for academic dishonesty but was allowed to keep a scholarship since there was no provision concerning academic dishonesty in the scholarship. Students are also allowed to keep work-study jobs with the university as mentioned above.


After some discussion it was determined that student discipline files appear to have no real ‘bite' other than the one course involved.


President Lockwood volunteered to investigate the situation further and report back to the senate. Senators generally agreed that there should be immediate consequences to academic dishonesty but that any ongoing archive system should be handled fairly and efficiently.

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