WTAMU Faculty Senate October 19, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 12:16.

Members present: Harry Heuston, Bill Ambrose, Syed Anwar, Sandy Babitzke, Gerald Chen, Perry Crafton, Robert Hansen, Musa Jafar (for Landram), Mary Jarvis, Jessica Mallard, Mike Meyers, Bonnie Pendleton, Keith Price, Darlene Pulliam, Helen Reyes(and for Embrey), Libby Rhoades (for Cuevas), Duane Rosa, Jean Stuntz, Theresa Trela (for Newman), Nagalapura Visnawath.

Absent: Mark Riney

I. President O’Brien Comments

New Residence halls: shared preliminary rendering of location of new dorms and athletic complex. Improved residence and campus facilities contribute to enrollment growth and student retention.

II. Dr. Chapman’s Comments

On Teaching Excellence Center, in response to faculty questions about it:

With the Provost’s answers to these questions, the issue of the Center of Teaching Excellence is closed.

On Promotion and Tenure:

On enrollment caps for online classes: committee to be headed by Wade Shaffer will address the policy.

Sedona training: the software is a better, more efficient to gather publication/scholarly activity data. 2007 APS/AAR will be collected by Sedona but will be evaluated based on current procedures and the form currently in use. New standards and new form for annual performance evaluation will not apply until 2008.

CEIQ committee report from Mallard: reported on meeting with President, where he articulated in broad terms what should be included. Issues include such areas: Instructor preparation, course challenging, instructor care about me as person. Committee will research other pre-existent forms and select a form for WT.

Harry Hueston urged senators to continue to gather feedback from faculty. This is a period of tremendous and rapid change. Faculty need to engage in the dialogue and rise to meet the challenges.

Regents Professor award: Hueston to form a committee to identify Regents Professors. Criteria and eligibility guidelines are coming from the system. Anwar, Rosa, Pulliam, Hansen.

Motion: to approve Minutes from October 5, 2007. Moved by Mallard, second by Pulliam, passed.

Hueston will prepare comments submitted on the tenure issues and get them to faculty senate members by Monday. President O’Brien wants a select committee of himself, Provost, Senate President and 2 other faculty members to finalize standards and have them in place by January.

At our next meeting: Gary Kelley and Cindy Barnes will address student retention. Senators are encouraged to bring ideas to table. Libby Rhoades raised concerns about the function of search committees: for staff, faculty, and department head.

Announcements: next two senate meetings will held in the Board of Regents room, 317 Old Main.

Meeting adjourned at 1:25 PM.


Respectfully submitted:

Robert Hansen, secretary