October 5, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 12:16.

Members present: Harry Heuston, Mo Cuevas, Frank Landram, Bonnie Pendleton, Mark Riney, Syed Anwar, Gerald Chen, Bill Ambrose, Helen Reyes, Jim Calvi (for Keith Price,) Perry Crafton, Mary Jarvis, Amy Newman, Jeannette Embrey, Nagalapura Viswanath, Robert Hansen, Sandy Babitzke, Bruce Brasington (for Jean Stuntz.)

Member absent: Jessica Mallard, Mike Meyers, Darlene Pulliam, Duane Rosa

The meting began with a moment of silence in memory of Terry Pearson, followed by a brief memorial statement from Dr. Anwar.

He minutes of September 21 were approved as: posted. Motion by Mary Jarvis, second by Syed Anwar. Passed.

The floor was opened for discussion of faculty NSSE, Annual Activity Report, Tenure and Promotion. Among the areas of concerns expressed were:

President O’Brien and Dr. Chapman joined the meeting at 1 PM. Dr. O’Brien presented his “Compact with the Chancellor,” a document outlining performance objectives being required of all member entities of TAMU system by the Chancellor. . WT priorities include

    1. increase in new enrollment
    2. increase in retention of students
    3. increase in transfer students
    1. peer-reviewed
    1. student accomplishments, measured by California Assessment of Critical Thinking.
    2. CAAP
    3. Enhance knowledge in major field: work in dept to find ways to measure; faculty will have to outline learning objectives for its majors

Dr. Chapman on governance: outlined the role and influence of various government officials on university policy: the Higher Education Coordinating Board, Board of Regents, Chancellor, University President.

Many of the current policy revisions are driven by “Closing the Gaps” as established by the coordinating board, including the push for increased enrollment. This stems from the 2004 executive order from Governor Perry requiring the establishment of accountability measures, and the push for outcomes assessments, in higher education. Key performance indicators will be the persistence rate, graduation rates.

Discussion of Annual Activity Report.

Dr. Chapman received various suggestions for modifications and clarified the intent of some elements. Plan for proceeding from this point: Dr. Hueston compile and communicate suggestions and recommendations for revision to Dr. Chapman. Senators will solicit input from faculty to transmit through Dr. Hueston. Comments due to within two weeks.

Concerns were expressed regarding the time line for implementation. The president wants to use the new procedures for 2007. The is likelihood that the form may be flawed and that the flaws will show up in the first year. Since this is the basis for merit increases, concern was expressed that using an untried prototype might give skewed or inaccurate results. Dr. Chapman gave assurances that the results would be carefully reviewed any obvious discrepancies would be corrected.

Motion to adjourn was made at 2:30: Riney moved, Brasington seconded. Passed

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Hansen Secretary