West Texas A&M University

Approved Faculty Senate Minutes

March 31, 2006


I. Call to Order : President Pam Lockwood called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. Members present were Syed Anwar, Joel Babitzke, Rob Brammer , Mo Cuevas, Harry Hueston, Mary Jarvis, Cloyce Kuhnert, Frank Landrum, Joshua Lewer (substituting for Sharon Burnett), Pam Lockwood, Jessica Mallard, Amy Newman, Ian Peddie, Lorna Strong (substituting for Charles Chase), and Neil Terry.


II. Approved the minutes from the February 24, 2006 meeting.


III. Meeting with Dr. O'Brien, April 13th or 14th , and possibly in the Summer

Pam Lockwood met with Dr. O'Brien when he was on campus recently. He asked what concerns the Faculty Senate had. He will be back on campus April 13 and 14 and would like to meet with the senate on one of these days. If senators can't make it, they need to send a representative from their department. Dr. O'Brien also mentioned that he might like to meet with the Faculty Senate some over the summer.


IV. Status of the Tenure and Promotion Recommendations

Pam Lockwood reported that the recommendations went through the T&P Committee.

A. The administrative recommendations in the primary folder will stay the same.

B. An additional explanation of any administrative duties will be added.

C. The expanded APS will be retained.

D. The summary of grade distributions will be required rather than recommended.

E. The Alumni Evaluations will be included in the primary folder.

F. The summaries of the CIEQ will go in the primary folder and the raw data will be retained in a supplemental folder housed in the candidate's department.

G. Copies of the front page of the reference page for publications can go in the primary folder.

H. It was stated that departments should be following the 3rd year review process that is detailed on p. 75 of the Faculty Handbook.

I. Collegiality will not be a separate category for Tenure and Promotion, but the Tenure and Promotion committee will recommend that Professionalism be added as a category in the APS.


V. University Committee Nominations

Send Pam Lockwood your nominations if you have not made them yet.


VI. College Elections and Officer Elections

Faculty Senate Officer elections will be on May 4th at 12:15. If faculty senate members need replaced, their college should have a meeting to nominate and elect replacements. New members can attend this meeting.


VII. Memo from Dr. Chapman (3/3 and 4/4 load)

This memo was discussed by the senate. The senate thought this was a helpful document that provided good beginning points on this issue. A motion was passed that included the following items:

A. Accept the bulleted items under the “Potential Revisions to the Faculty Research Policy” with the following revisions:

  - Strike “(e.g., 5 years)” from the 6th bullet.

  - Fix the typo on the 11th bullet to read “buy out” rather than “but out.”

  - Rephrase the last bullet in terms of the issue of service. As it reads, the intent seems to be that faculty on 3/3 loads do not need to be involved with service, and that faculty on 4/4 loads need to be doing a lot of service. The consensus was that both groups of faculty need to be involved in service.


B. The Faculty Senate advocates the creation of a panel to work on the specific examples for “Research” and “Creative Accomplishments.” They also support the creation of an Action Plan that would show the implementation timeline for moving to a 3/3 load or examples of how the implementation might proceed. Members of the Faculty Senate would be happy to help with such a plan. They also advocate meetings about these decisions to be open so that interested faculty would be able to attend.


C. The Faculty Senate supports the 3/3 load for faculty.  We understand the value of offering this reduced load to new faculty and request a schedule (i.e., projected timeframe) for implementing the procedure for new as well as existing faculty.


VIII. Academic Dishonesty Policy

Harry Hueston will put together a policy and disseminate it to senators before the next meeting. This policy will be discussed at the April 21st Faculty Senate meeting.


IX. Faculty Evaluations of Administrators

This process will soon begin.



Faculty Senate adjourned at 1:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Mallard