WTAMU Faculty Senate March 28, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 12:15 in the JBK Room 11 by President Harry Hueston.

Members present: Harry Heuston, presiding; Bill Ambrose, Syed Anwar, Sandy Babitzke, Gerald Chen, Mo Cuevas, Jeannette Embrey, Robert Hansen, Mary Jarvis, Frank Landram, Jessica Mallard, Liz Matos, Mike Meyers, Keith Price, Amy Newman, Mark Riney, Jean Stuntz, Nagalapura Visnawath

Members absent: Perry Crafton, Bonnie Pendleton, Darlene Pulliam, Duane Rosa

MOTION: to accept minutes of March 14 meeting: Price, Anwar. Passed

Issue of faculty of travel brought to the Senate at request of Dr. Brasington. His request is to review the process of allocation of funds among the departments and colleges. Problems of inadequate support for faculty travel, in light of the expectations of the administration for more intellectual activity.

MOTION: to form an ad hoc committee to explore the funding procedures among the department. Stuntz, Cuevas. Passed with one dissenting vote. Committee is Stuntz (chair), Riney, Embrey, Babitzke, Pulliam.

Report on student evaluation of faculty: Jessica Mallard reported on her participation in a conference on student evaluation. She found that CEIQ is a nationally normed instrument, with several measures available that are not used at WT. She shared the history of WT’s revision in the use and function of the form, and explained that to develop an effective new form would require a five-year development process. Her recommendation is to retain the CEIQ, or in the alternative, to adopt another national form. She recommends reviewing how WT uses the form and whether our modifications should be retained or not. The online environment is not adequately addressed by CEIQ, and another form or type of evaluation should be investigated. Committee will meet with the president, Dr. Hallmark, Gary Kelley, and Duane Rosa to have a clearer understanding of the history and a better view of the effectiveness of the CEIQ.

Promotion and Tenure Policy: Hueston hopes to vote on policy by April 11. Issues discussed include the status of the fifth-year evaluation, departmental tenure and promotion committee formulation, and other issues that are not clear in the draft dated March 26. Senators are asked to review the policy carefully and email Harry with comments by Monday, March 31. The policy will be debated with the President and Provost at the April 11.

Dr. Hueston reminded the senate that elections of new officers will be held on dead day, May 1.

Agenda items for April 28 will include discussion of scholarship distribution. Senators are reminded to prepare nominations for Regents Awards and Outstanding Faculty member. Dr. Hansen will send a lsit of vacancies and asked senators to prepare nominations for university standing committees.

The meeting adjourned at 1:32 PM. MOTION: Stuntz, Mallard. Passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Hansen, secretary

These minutes have not been approved.