West Texas A&M University

Faculty Senate Minutes

March 23, 2007

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:16

Members present were Syed Anwar, Sandy Babitzke, Chuck Chase, Gerald Chen, Mo Cuevas, Jeanette Embrey, Robert Hansen, Harry Hueston, Mary Jarvis, Richard Jasoni (for Bonnie Pendleton), Frank Landram, Joshua Lewer, Jessica Mallard, Amy Newman, Keith Price, Helen Reyes, Mark Riney, Duane Rosa, Nagalapura Viswanath, and Douglas Werden.

II. Approval of minutes.

The minutes from February 23, 2007 were approved on motion by Hueston, seconded by Price.

III. New Committee Proposal

There was discussion about the proposed changes in size and structure for the Faculty Handbook Committee. The current committee has five faculty members and eight administrative type members. Dr. O’Brien thought it should be smaller and more balanced and include three members of the faculty who would be elected by the Faculty Senate and three members of the University administration appointed by the President.

A motion was made by Duane Rosa and seconded by Frank Landram that the committee should be comprised of 5 faculty – one from each college, and three administrators. The motion was carried by a 19-1 vote.

Duane Rosa talked about the evaluation of administrators’ process and shared the form for the Evaluation of the President. He stressed the need for full faculty participation for the process to work. Dr. O’Brien has said that he would like this process done for Vice-Presidents too.

IV. Harry Hueston’s issues/motions

Collegiality/Professionalism rankings

The suggested guidelines for P&T that Dr. Chapman created and that colleges have been working on for Tenure and Promotion include the addition of collegiality and professionalism. Harry Hueston suggested that on this issue, there should not be three levels of rankings – satisfactory, good, and excellent. There should just be satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

Triad rankings for P&T, p. 61 in faculty handbook

Hueston suggested that the categories of satisfactory, good and excellent should remain the ranking categories no matter what other changes are made to the P&T process. He argued that these three categories will remain for granting Promotion and Tenure. Senators questioned what ranking schema the A&M system uses and Hueston will check on this.

V. Issue of Interest

President Chase talked about HB 956

The deadline was March 19th, but faculty might still think about this.

Student can get $1,000 for working with New Student Orientation. Please recommend students who might be interested in this program.

The final draft is now out and was disseminated. The Steering Committee will now be working with this document and then it will go to the University Planning Committee.

In the A&M system newsletter, there is mention of WT’s virtual math lab.

This web seminar will be April 10th and might be of interest.

The names have been forwarded and gone forward

This was sent out by Douglas Werden to clarify the bill.

These are currently being accepted until March 30th.

Conference begins April 13, 2007

The packet of things discussed at the Council of Faculty Senates was distributed which shows what other faculty senates are doing across the state.

President Chase shared this letter with the faculty senate.

VI. Other Business

No other business was raised.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Mallard

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