West Texas A&M University

Approved Faculty Senate Minutes

February 10, 2006


I. Call to Order: President Pam Lockwood called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. Members present were Lal Almas (sub for Lance Kieth) Syed Tariq Anwar, Joel Babitzke, Rob Brammer , Charles Chase, Mo Cuevas, Mary Jarvis, Cloyce Kuhnert, Frank Landrum, Pam Lockwood , Jessica Mallard, Amy Newman, Ian Peddie, Helen Reyes, Jean Stuntz (sub for Harry Hueston) and Neil Terry .


II. Approved the minutes from the December 2, 2005 meetings.


IIII. Guest Speaker Dr. Brian Chapman :

Dr. Chapman spoke to the Senate concerning sole presidential finalist Dr. O'Brien's recent visit to campus and their visions for WT. A summary of his comments is included in Appendix A.


IV. Old Business: (All comments by President Lockwood unless noted otherwise.)

A. Students administering teaching evaluations Senators voted on November 21, 2003 to allow students to administer teaching evaluations. For some reason this did not make it into the policy guide, but will be added since it was passed by the Faculty Senate.

B. Presidential Search The sole finalist for president, Dr. Patrick O'Brien is scheduled to be on campus twice a month during the Spring semester. During his recent visit (February 7 and 8) visited the president's house and met with numerous campus organizations and community leaders.


V. New Business :

A. Academic Dishonesty Policy Faculty have been asked (by Dr. Chapman) to devise a consistent academic dishonesty policy. Faculty Senate will spearhead this effort.

B. Nomination for Regent Award Nominations are being accepted for the Regent Award and should be sent to Sharon Burnett within the next month.

D. March 24th meeting rescheduled Due to the UIL and Kilgore lunch the March 24th meeting is rescheduled to March 31st .

E. Choice of Faculty Senate conference to attend There are both statewide and system meetings of the Faculty Senate. If funding is available for only one of the meetings, it was agreed that the system meeting was the most important, particularly since one of our WT faculty members will be present at the statewide meeting.


Faculty Senate adjourned at 1:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Burnett and Jessica Mallard

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Appendix A - Summary of Dr. Chapman's Comments


Dr. Chapman talked about Dr. O'Brien's recent campus visit and some of the goals they have for the future.

A. Increased retention and recruitment.

B. Increases in fundraising for the university.

C. Revise the strategic plan

     -Expect a lot of change over the next couple of years

     -A goal is for WT to become the premier satellite campus for all the schools in the A&M system.

     -Increase the quality of the academic programs. Our retention is the lowest in the state of Texas . A large number of potential students visit our campus and then go elsewhere.

     -Increase student engagement. Our students score low on this. We need to challenge them more and become a student centered campus.

D. Revitalize Discover WT

E. Create a marketing strategy for WT.

F. Improve the quality of the teaching facilities.

G. Improve the campus ambience.

H. Hire and retain qualified faculty

I. Dr. Chapman is planning to create an Academic Council. It will consist of Deans, Dept. Heads, a Faculty Senate representative, a Librarian, a nonvoting member from business and finance, and someone from Engineering Technology.


Dr. Chapman then gave the Faculty Senate two assignments to talk about.

A. Revise the faculty workload policy.

  -Consider a 3/3 load for faculty with productive research programs.

  -Consider a 4/4 load for not doing research, but have a service component.

B. Revise the tenure and promotion policy.

  -They should be linked rather than separate (i.e. an associate professor voting on promotion to full professor).

  -Should collegiality be a category?

  -There will be a limit on the amount of materials a candidate can submit.



After Dr. Chapman's comments senators discussed the challenges with a collegiality component in the tenure and promotion policy.

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