West Texas A&M University

Faculty Senate Minutes

February 9, 2007

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:15.

Members present were Bill Ambrose, Syed Anwar, Sandy Babitzke, Chuck Chase, Gerald Chen, Susan Coleman (for Helen Reyes), Mo Cuevas, Jeanette Embrey, Robert Hansen, Harry Hueston, Mary Jarvis, Frank Landram, Joshua Lewer, Jessica Mallard, Bonnie Pendleton, Keith Price, Mark Riney, Duane Rosa, Theresa Trela (for Amy Newman) Nagalapura Viswanath, and Douglas Werden.

II. Dr. Chapman’s Report

Dr. Chapman was asked to speak about the core curriculum and the recent handout on promotion/tenure guidelines

Core Curriculum

Academic Freedom

Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure

“Shaping up WT” – Dr. Anwar

Dr. Anwar brought forth an article about Amarillo National Bank and how their employees get to use the fitness center for free. He advocates that faculty and staff should get free use of the Activities Center. Syed Anwar will be a member of a committee to look this over. Frank Landram , Mary Jarvis, Joshua Lewer and Mark Riney will be members of this committee.

Approval of the minutes

The minutes of January 26, 2007 were approved.

HB 960: Regulating Use of Textbooks Required for Core Curriculum Courses

Dr. Chapman referred to this some, but there is a bill that would require faculty to stay with the text they pick for three years in a core course.

A&M Chancellor to visit WTAMU and Faculty Senate

The Chancellor will be here on Thursday, April 12th. He will want to meet with the faculty senate chair and possibly all of the senators as a group.

TX Council of Faculty Senates: Spring Meeting 2/16-17

Please let President Chase know if you are interested in attending.

College of Business: Handbook/Faculty Evaluation

Neil Terry and Joshua Lewer shared part of the draft of this document with President Chase. Once the draft is complete, Joshua will share the document with the senate. The final draft will be brought to the next meeting.

FYI: Selection of an Integrated Marketing Communications Agency

This process is in progress. There were seven proposals that came in and finalists will be invited in the week of the 19th. The winning agency will be given the contract to market WT.

University Calendar

President Chase provided a copy of the university calendar for the next academic year.

Other business:

A senator raised the issue of an equitable way to appoint faculty to committees. Jessica Mallard will look into this issue and report back to the senate.

A senator raised the issue of a plus/minus grading system and having more grade options rather than the large span of 80-89 for a B.

Next Meeting: 2/23/07

The meeting was adjourned at 1:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Mallard

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