WTAMU Faculty Senate February 1, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 12:15 in the JBK Room 11 by President Harry Hueston.

Members present: Harry Hueston, presiding; Bill Ambrose, Syed Anwar, Sandy Babitzke, Gerald Chen, (Melody Loya for Mo Cuevas,) Perry Crafton, Jeanette Embrey, Robert Hansen, Mary Jarvis, Frank Landram, Jessica Mallard, Liz Matos, Mike Meyers, Bonnie Pendleton, Keith Price, Darlene Pulliam, Amy Newman, Mark Riney, Jean Stuntz, Larry Barnes (for Nagalapura Visnawath.)

Member absent: Duane Rosa

Substitutes Melody Loya, Larry Barnes introduced themselves.

MOTION: To approve minutes of January 18, 2008: Crafton, seconded by Mallard, passed.

President O’Brien and Athletic Director Michael McBroom presented “WT’s Academic Success of Student Athletes.” McBroom explained the strategies to assure that WT athletes are first and foremost, students. Academic performance of students is improving, but certain sports (football and baseball) continue to have high percentage of low performing students. Program needs involvement of faculty in monitoring attendance and classroom performance, and in communicating the value of academics to recruits. Faculty should contact Meredith if there are academic concerns.

Dr. O’Brien addressed the Senate on the issue of Developmental Leave (Sabbatical). Mechanism specified in the handbook has been dormant for lack of university funding. The administration plans to provide funding, and the Senate will be charged with the responsibility of evaluating applications for leave.

Dr. O’Brien offered comments on factors that differentiated those who were recommended for tenure from those who weren’t. Service was not one of those factors, because all the applicants demonstrated good citizenship and service. It is a necessary element for tenure and performance. In the probationary period, emphasis should be teaching and research, and service should be less, primarily at the departmental level. After tenure, it is appropriate to increase service, and the university will naturally rely on the leadership and experience of senior faculty for service.

Dr. Chapman commented on the issue of capping online course enrollment. Recommendations will be forthcoming regarding class size and the practice of blue carding students into class. Departments may set caps as appropriate and needed. A university-wide policy has been referred to a committee that will be expected to report recommendations by the end of this semester. He recognizes the time demands involved with designing and upgrading online courses.

Jessica Mallard presented report on the CEIQ. The committee has looked at several samples from other institutions, and met with Dr. O’Brien to share conclusions. He prefers that the committee use its own form. The draft of the form was distributed for information and comment.

In light of the administration’s actions on tenure and promotion and its desire to raise WT to the level of a Tier II school, Hueston asked for an Ad hoc committee to research Tenure and Promotion procedures at Tier II institutions. Jean Stuntz will chair the committee of volunteers Frank Landram and Liz Matos. Hansen reported that the faculty handbook committee’s recommendations for the Tenure, Promotion, and annual evaluation of faculty performance section of the faculty handbook will be ready for the senate before spring break.

Hueston asked for input and assistance on thank you letter to Gary Barnes for the success of the move.

Regents Professor: Dr. O’Brien would like to have three from WT each year. Also, Hueston updated the proposed Outstanding Faculty Award: Mo Cuevas is chairing that committee and is developing criteria. O’Brien is also interested in spreading out the award process, with a possible spring convocation.

The senate discussed issues relating to Sedona and the annual summary. The delay in getting CEIQ has caused some Colleges and Departments to authorize an extension of the February 1 deadline.

Hueston will study the issue of the faculty development leave policy and communicate it to the senate.

Senators were reminded of the Core Curriculum town hall meeting at 2 PM in Legends.

Motion to adjourn: Pulliam Price to adjourn. 1:32 PM.

Motion: To approve the minutes of November 16 meeting. Moved by Rosa, second by Pulliam. Passed.

The meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Hansen, secretary

These minutes have not been approved.