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Faculty Senate Standing Committees

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Executive Council
The Executive Council is charged with enhancing communication among Faculty Senate, faculty, administration, staff and the community.  Each member of the Executive Council serves as an ex-officio to one of the standing committees.  The primary duties of this committee are to:  (1) be the voice of, and for, faculty to the university and surrounding community, and (2) communicate Faculty Senate initiatives to the university administration and the media.
Members: Harry Hueston (President), Mo Cuevas (Vice President), Robert Hansen (Secretary)
Faculty Development and Student Learning
The Faculty Development and Student Learning Committee is charged with developing, supporting and sustaining systemic faculty development programs and processes designed to enhance student learning.  The primary duties of this committee are to: (1) assess and recommend updates for faculty development practices, (2) provide training for faculty evaluation processes, and (3) monitor the academic needs of faculty and students.
          Members:  None assigned.

Budget and Faculty Governance

The Budget and Faculty Governance Committee is charged with informing faculty on employment related issues such as compensation, benefits, and annual evaluations; and to annually assess the bylaws of the Faculty Senate and manage the administrative duties of the Faculty Senate.  The primary duties of this committee are to: (1) complete a faculty benefit information document annually, including summary statistics on salaries, (2) complete a faculty evaluation process information document annually, (3) assess and recommend updates (when needed) to the Faculty Senate bylaws, and (4) assess and recommend awards, resolutions and nominations when needed.
          Members: None assigned.
Assessment, Advising, Conduct (Ethics), Curriculum and Issues
The Assessment, Advising, Conduct (Ethics), Curriculum and Issues Committee is charged with improving the student learning environment through curriculum assessment and enhancement, encouraging ethical conduct and professionalism on campus, and addressing other faculty/student issues as needed.  The primary duties of this committee are: (1) to assess and address issues related to the university curriculum, (2) determine national trends in university core curriculum and propose changes to the current core to make it current and relevant without comprising the quality of education, (3) improve retention of freshmen through improving advising and the first-year experience, (4) encourage faculty to develop community- and service-based learning techniques and projects, (5) provide leadership for professionalism and ethical conduct on campus, and (6) address other faculty/student issues as needed.
Members:  None assigned.
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