West Texas A&M University

Faculty Senate Minutes

September 15, 2006


President/VPAA remarks

Dr. O'Brien mentioned that he is visiting with the faculty and staff of the various colleges. Once the meetings are complete, he will meet with individual departments. He said that information will be posted on WTAccess so faculty and staff can stay informed and ask questions. Dr. O'Brien indicated his current focus is on the Strategic Plan.


Dr. Chapman noted that the latest version of the Strategic Plan is available on WTAccess and will be updated as it gets revised. Comments and questions are welcome and should be sent to Dr. Chapman. Dr. Chapman also indicated that the Deans will be discussing and disseminating information about requirements for tenure and promotion.


I. Call to Order : President Chuck Chase called the meeting to order at 12:20 p.m. Members present were Bill Ambrose, Sandy Babitzke, Chuck Chase, Gerald Chen, Mo Cuevas, Jeanette Embrey, Robert Hansen, Harry Hueston, Randy Jarmon (substituting for Syed Anwar), Mary Jarvis, Frank Landram, Joshua Lewer, Jessica Mallard , Amy Newman, Ian Peddie, Bonnie Pendleton, Keith Price, Helen Reyes, Mark Riney, Duane Rosa, and Nagalapura Viswanath.


II. Approval of past minutes

The minutes of April 21st and May 4th were approved.


III. Membership list . Senators were given an updated list of member email addresses. Senators briefly introduced themselves to the group.


IV. Meeting schedule and attendance . The meeting schedule was disseminated. If a faculty member is unable to make a meeting, he or she needs to send a substitute from his or her department or college.


V. Participation . Senators were encouraged to be active participants and to share information with their departments and college.


VI. Standing committees . Ad Hoc committees will be set up as issues arise rather than having members placed on standing committees at this time.


VII. Presidential Inauguration Week . The faculty senate is hosting a “faculty hour” for faculty to meet President O'Brien and Mrs. O'Brien. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, October 18th from 2:30-3:30 in the Hazel Wilson VIP Room. Jessica Mallard , Sandy Babitzke, and Keith Price are in charge of making the arrangements for the event.


VIII. System Faculty Council . When system meetings arise, faculty senators will be invited to attend these meetings and report back to the senate. There was a meeting August 25th that was not attended due to scheduling conflicts with the beginning of the semester.


IX. Strategic Plan . Copies of the most recent Strategic Plan were disseminated. The document is in the process of being revised by a committee led by President O'Brien. After this is complete, a steering committee will go over the Strategic Plan. Harry Hueston brought up a few issues related to the Strategic Plan. He referred to page 17, Tactic 3.1.1 and talked about the expectation for faculty to have peer-reviewed scholarly and/or creative output annually. He also referred to page 18, Tactic 3.2.4 and the guarantee of a 3/3 load for new faculty for the first three years. He added that his department is having trouble hiring people and that this might be difficult to accomplish. Harry emphasized how important it is for faculty to look at the document and comment on it during their college meetings with Dr. O'Brien. Faculty need to act and get involved. Discussion ensued regarding the Strategic Plan.


Chuck Chase referred to the U.S. News & World Report ranking criteria and weights as well as Key Performance indicators . Chuck also referred to the WT Initial Objectives that were created by Dr. O'Brien. Two other handouts were disseminated, West Texas A&M University : A Student-Centered University , and the new Mission Statement.


X. Piper Awards . Chuck Chase disseminated a memo referring to the Piper Award and mentioned that senators need to be active nominating faculty for this award.


XI. The College of Business Teaching Load Standards were distributed. These standards are based on what is needed for the Business department to get AASCB accreditation.


XII. Bookstore. Harry Hueston brought up the issue of the university bookstore and the fact that books are more expensive through the bookstore. It was noted that the bookstore benefits students through scholarships. Several senators mentioned problems with students not being able to get books for some classes. Harry will look into whether there is a policy in place for faculty to be required to use the university bookstore.


XIII. Old Business. None was brought forward.


XIV. New Business . A question was raised about the lack of faculty parking spaces on campus.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:17 pm

Respectfully Submitted

Jessica Mallard