Faculty Senate Minutes

September 7, 2007

Call to order at 12:20 by President Hueston.

Members present: Harry Hueston, Mo Cuevas, Bill Ambrose, Syed Anwar, Sandy Babitzke, Gerald Chen, Perry Crafton, Jeannette Embry, Gabe Goodwin (for Meyers)Robert Hansen, Mary Jarvis, Frank Landram, Jessica Mallard, Amy Newman, Bonnie Pendleton, Keith Price, Darlene Pulliam, Helen Reyes, Mark Riney, Duane Rosa, and Nagalapura Viswanath. Members of the senate introduced themselves.

Comments from Dr. O’Brien

Hueston identified long-term Agenda issues for 2007-08:

  1. Classroom renovation issues: Senate will take the lead in keeping the faculty informed and engaged to help make the process smooth.
  2. The Chancellor’s views on tenure: issue is the concept of tenure for research faculty only with a parallel alternative for teaching faculty.

President O’Brien is interested in increasing channels of communication within and among the constituencies of the university. Committee minutes and minutes of college meetings should be posted on the website to share with the university at large.

Regarding tenure, Dr. O’Brien believes “the sine qua non is excellence in teaching.” Teaching excellence is necessary, but not sufficient, for tenure. Research is also required and needs to be peer-reviewed. Research can be funded and non-funded: self-generated unfunded research has to be given recognition. There are differences with the philosophy the Chancellor shared with the faculty senate on August 31: 1. Excellence in Teaching is foremost, 2. research is a necessary component for tenure. 3 .engagement in the University Community in professional service.

Collegiality issue: AAUP says it shouldn’t be considered. Dr. O’Brien disagrees, insofar unprofessional behavior must not be tolerated.

Questions from Senators: Vish asked about the peer-review standard for departments where the numbers of subjects is hard to achieve. O’Brien encourages exploring partnerships within TAMU system to achieve sufficient and significant samples for research.

Duane Rosa: requested discussion of the CEIQ at a future meeting.. It will be placed on the agenda for Sept. 21.

Hueston alerted senators to expect letter regarding the impending changes in classroom scheduling and urged faculty to encourage support during the transition.

MOTION: Hansen moved the following Constitutional Amendment. Second by Price.

That the Senate change: Article III. Membership from:

OLD: Section 1. Membership. Faculty Senate shall consist of 17
representatives: four representatives elected from each of the four colleges
and one representative elected by the professional librarians. Each academic
department shall be entitled to elect at least one representative. Colleges
with fewer than four academic departments shall elect the other
representative(s) at large. An immediate past president whose regular term
as a senator has expired may serve a one-year term, ex officio, but shall
have no vote.


NEW Section 1. Membership. Faculty Senate shall consist of a representative
of each academic department, elected by members of their respective
colleges, and a professional librarian. Each college shall be entitled to a
minimum of four representatives. Colleges with fewer than four academic
departments shall elect the other representative(s) at large, on a rotating
basis among departments in the college. An immediate past president whose
regular term as a senator has expired may serve a 0ne-year term, ex officio,
but shall have no vote.

Discussion on the motion followed.

ACTION. Motion carried by vote of 19 for, one against.


Appointments to University Standing Committees

For committees requiring representation from each college:

Accommodations Appeals: ESS: Conn Thomas (2010)

Curriculum: ASE: Emily Hunt (2010) COB: pending (2008) ESS: Robert Beckley (2010)

Faculty Development: ESS: Harry Hueston (2010); Mo Cuevas (2010) FAH: Paul Clark (2010)

Faculty Emeritus: FAH: Bruce Brasington (2010)

Information Technology: COB: pending (2010) ESS: Libby Rhoades (2008) FAH: Randy Ray (2010)

Instructional Technology: ASE: Pilaka Murty (2008) COB: pending (2009) ESS: Jan Ray (2010) FAH: Pat Tyrer (2008) NHS: pending: (2009)

Intercollegiate Athletics: ASE: Amanda Love (2010) COB: pending (2008) ESS: pending (2010)

Parking: ASE: Robert Herrington (2009) ESS: Roseanne Mott (2010)

Student Endowment Scholarship: ASE: Roy Issa (2009) ESS: Dwight Vick (2009)

Student Honors: ASE: Lal Almas (2010) COB: pending (2008) FAH: Bonnie Roos (2010)

University Library: ASE: Neal Latman (2008) COB: pending (2009) ESS: Susan Nix (2010) FAH: Christaan Eayres (2009) NHS: pending (2010)

University Services: ESS: Roseanne Mott (2008) FAH: Anne Medlock (2010)

Virgil Henson AC: NHS: John Lubker (2010)

MOTION: Cuevas to accept nominees as presented by colleges for appointments to committees requiring representations from each college. Mallard second.

ACTION: Motion carried without opposition.

Appointment to Committees at large:

Alcohol and Other Drugs: Dwight Vick (2008), Deanah Alexander (2009), Leslie Williams (2010)

Developmental Education: Jean Stuntz (2010)

Diversity: Robert Hansen (2009), Harry Hueston (2010)

Enrollment Management: Randy Jarmon (2010)

Student Grievance: Amy Newman (2009), Musa Jafar (2010)

Guest Artist: Jeanette Embrey (2009)

Marketing: Gwen Williams (2008)

Prestigious Scholarship Selection: Monica Smith (2010)

Sick Leave Pool: Terry Pearson (2010)

Student Fee Advisory: Mark Bartley (2009) Bonnie Pendleton (2010)

Traffic Appeals: Karyn Friske (2010)

Undergraduate Admissions Appeal: Rex Pjesky (2008), Stephen Severn (2009), Rajan Alex (2010)

MOTION: Reyes move to adopt the committee appointments to at large positions. . Second by Crafton.

ACTION: Motion carried without opposition.


Hueston asked for volunteers for a senate committees:

Outstanding Faculty Award Committee: Cuevas will chair; Riney, Reyes, Vish, Newman

Classroom Center Committee: Hueston chair, Rosa, Mallard, Pulliam

Hueston: urges communication from Senators to departments; also proposes to bring as guests administrators who impact our work: for example: Russell Lowery-Hart, Denise Skinner, Gary. Barnes, Cyndy Barnes and others. Anwar proposes asking them to use Power Point presentations that can be uploaded to be sure the information given the senate is available to all faculty.

Hueston reported on summer meetings of Senate Executive Committee with Dr. Chapman regarding T/P standards. A draft of the standards is with the Deans. Within 3-4 weeks, the feedback is due from the deans. Hueston feels the Senate must have opportunity to give input. He also commented on the urgency of completing Faculty Handbook revisions.

Cuevas emphasizes need for faculty to assert leadership in critical thinking, ethics and writing, in light of the NSSE report.

MOTION: to adjourn: Mallard moved adjournment, seconded by Reyes.


The meeting adjourned at 2 PM.

Respectfully submitted

Robert Hansen, secretary

These minutes approved at September 21 meeting.